IMG_0018 through and through – i rep hard as a fourth generation alumnae of the University of Michigan. As it was one of my biggest goals in life to go to umich #goblue #haiLya ! obvs its a legit wolverine on my head – featured on burbon street in NOLA – pre Sugar Bowl 2012.

LSHAWTAY – do you really get how dope this is? Certified as Lindsey Taylor Shaw – you take it apart and mix it together – you got Lshawtay , so im not some total hoodlum.

*minor rap career which i may or may not re-debut on this blog generally tips off with ” LShawtayyyy in da house” !!

Everyone out there, you’ve got something to share, say or show for yourself, BE YOU – BE REAL – whats the point of faking or posing yourself to be something you are not. You can only truly be one person out there – BE YOU.

Much Love to all ❤


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