Meet Lindsey


Lshawtayy in the House ! @Lshawtayy steams from a combo Lindsey’s given name : Lindsey Taylor Shaw.

Born and Raised in Detroit. Lindsey loves traveling and discussing “the Come Back City” Detroit.  Hardly home but always reppin’ – a line spoken frequently.

7 things to know about Lindsey Shaw


+1 for good luck – “Wild on Linz” was her Bat Mitzvah theme. Holler if you remember Travel’s channels Wild On series where Brook Burke would go around the world experiencing the best parties and cities.



Hangin’ out at in Chicago for Take Your Sister to Work Day! October 2018

Lindsey’s Words to Live By:

#365excited be excited about something everyday.

Everyone out there has knows something you don’t know, so ask questions and deepen your knowledge.

Today’s the Day – do you!

Keep it real and be true to yourself, you can only be one person, Be You!



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