@HelloAnnArbor x Farmer’s Market Haul

UGHHHH the thing I look forward to the most on Humpdaze is going to the Kerrytown Farmer’s Market – literally whatever city I may live in next must have a legitimate Farmer’s Market with the freshest flowers and local dank goods. If you would like to follow me on SnapChat @Lshawtay you’ll get a walking tour of me at the Market. On my walk there this week I noticed this lovely Robot engraved on the sidewalk – I wish there was more casual art like this around Street Botthe town. I’d like to call him

If you happened to follow my story yesterday you would have first spotted it there – that is of course if you haven’t stumbled upon it yet in person – it is also live on my Instagram @Lshawtayy

@Argus Farm Stop

I live week to week by the scent of these incredible Oriental Lily’s – they literally will last an entire week and then some ! $3 per stem I feel like it’s a steel deal ! The scent fills my apartment and brings a smile to my fayce everytime I walk in the door. Sometimes i’ll sleep on the couch just to get a better aroma – I guess it may be easier to bring the vase into my room but I literally did not think of that until just now.

Big fan of the Roos Roast Cold Brew Coffee , a locally brewed treat that’s a pricey $4 per cup but pretty worth it. Shopping Haul

Shopping Haul ! These are the BEST items  – outside of the flowers – that I got yesterday.  These Rosemary & Sea Salt Gluten Free by the Taste like OMG you’ve never had anything so amazing with out gluten ! Today I splurged for the large box for $10 – otherwise they come in smaller sizes for $3.50 – they’re also sold at Lab Coffee & the Argus Farm Stop.

The White Lotus Farm has quickly become my go-to booth at the Kerrytown Farmer’s Market.  If there could only be one butter left on earth it should be their Herb Butter with Taragon. You know this is the purest butter that can grace your lips!

Go on & get after it !


Only YOU can make it better

Start UP your day with a bumping playlist of tunes or just simply one song on REPEAT

Today’s Eargasm has got me going all day ( granted it’s only 215PM) ! Pump up the volume for this Bumping Beat of The Day: Revolution by Diplo ! This remix will most def turn up your day.

Maybe the music to your ears isn’t enough to make your day better. If you happen to be in Ann Arbor walk on over to your nears Arbor Bike Stop – mine happens to be the Library Lane located on South 5th Street between East William & East Liberty.  You can slide in your credit card and for $6 you get to pop out a lovely blue bike to ride for the next 60 minutes. Ice Coffee & Arbor Bike I didn’t really have a plan of where I would go on my bike ride … just let the sunshine and day take me to where the road led.  On my journeys I got a bit thirsty and remembered the Jefferson Market & Cakery was near by.  The Jefferson Market was voted Best Local Cakery in Michigan more than 3 times. Today, April 15th happens to be their 8th birthday! To celebrate they were rolling out Free Slices of their famous cakes. Balloon Cake Although the pic of the cake is not featured you can find one hear on my @tR3NDEY instagram account.

Inside Jefferson MarketTo celebrate today was the official opening day of their re-model of the interior of the shop. The Jefferson Market is located on 609 West Jefferson Street in downtown Ann Arbor.


Monday they are closed but are open : Tuesday – Thursday 8-2PM and Friday 8-5. The best time to go I think is for the weekend brunch : Saturday & Sunday 10-1 PM. Floors at Jefferson Market

I was totally feeling this authentic wood floor and had to take a snapshot.

Here is a photo of my lunch ” The Enlightenment ” on a Pretzel Roll & the Arbor Bike i Rode over. Lunch 4.15.15 It was totally fabulous and did provide me with some enlightenment that it is up to you to make your day better !

It was really fun to hop on a bike! I probably haven’t biked since my last bike share ride in Miami Beach. I love that I was able to get in a few miles walking this morning, a few miles biking this afternoon and later on will go to Yoga down the block.

Vibe On, Walk 10,000 steps, and eat things you love,


The Name Game @ Starbucks


I feel you Starbucks, you’re trying to add a personal flare on each individual drink, but about 6 out of 10 times you get it WRONG ! Typically leaving the customer more frustrated. It’s become a comical nightmare for Starbucks goers … ! ImageMy friends and the general public tend to post pictures via social networks of their cup of joe mishaps. Some of the examples are shown here on the blog – two close friends of mine with funny names ! It’s like when your a kid on vacation and you go to the key chain section at the gift shop and you can’t find the correct spelling of your name …. ! This is the adult version of that sad sad feeling.

Today in my  Give It 100 video blog, I took a trip to my local Starbucks ! It was recently renovated and this was my first time checking it out! The polar vortex has delayed my visit to the refreshed Starbucks. I love going there and have become quite close with all of the baristas, I mean if you go every day and get the same thing they are bound to remember you, especially if you’re using an interesting sudo name ;0 . My dear sister Melanie , sometimes known as Melonie at Starbucks, does not let a day go by without visiting Starbucks.  It makes her whole world to get her Ice Coffee with non fat milk and sugar free vanilla squirts … i’ve gotten her order down pat at this point. Where I’m the simple sister who orders a black ice coffee, no milk no room for it, no sweetner ( since i’m already so sweet hehe). It is funny that we ONLY get ice coffee, sun or snow ! Image

I don’t really have too many pet peeves, but one of them is when my name is spelt incorrectly. My name is Lindsey…. “EY” … people like to call me Lynsey, Lynzie, Lindzie, etc you get the point. The one that urks me the most is Lindsay !! My name is not Lind- SAY – its Lind- SEE if anything … therefore many years ago I took it upon myself to avoid the situation of having my name spelt wrong at Starbucks. This idea really came to mind back in the days of High School Lunch Breaks – when me and my crew would roll to Panera – another establishment that uses your name for an order. To give us a giggle we’d use names like Gertrude or Skyye or Margret.   It would always make us laugh and the employees had to keep a straight face, as the given name may be our true name.

Back to me at Starbucks – I’ve always used my Spanish name Carmenit is simple and not as easy to spell incorrectly. ImageAlso I LOVE my Spanish name – its been a part of me for more than half of my life at this point ! Took Spanish in school from 3rd grade until my Sophomore year of College …. then I lived in Spain where it was much easier to go by Carmen than Lindsey! My Yoga teacher in Spain once crossed her self and said “ iy dios mio! ” aka OMG because she could not fathom that my name was Lindsey – don’t really get that but it was funny! So Yes, I part time go by Carmen….! and it is even funnier at my local Starbucks because they greet me each day as Hi CARMEN !

adios ❤