4 My Future Crib Spot

salt npeperOne day when I move into my next apartment where I’ll host lavish dinner parties … i hope to fill my kitchen with only the funnest best gadgets that keep everyone entertained ! You betcha I’d buy something like these Grenade Salt & Pepper Shakers … voodoo-display-red

In my real home back in the hood, we have this cool Knife Holder – I’d definitely like to have one of these too… everything in my future crib spot will be trendy bright and fun !!


One Bitch who sets us back …

One Bitch who sets us back …

I’m all for taking on a challenge, but the way in which this is presented to the world is – i’m a selfless bitch to my potential husband if and when i play suzy home maker in the kitchen … maybe you’re trying to be a sandwich guru or a modern day foodie … but THAT girl who has dedicated her time to WORKING TO GET A RING ON IT …. im just simply #notdown