Mount Rainier!

Please note the photos are soooo out of order !! Mobile uploads ugh.

But anyways, I barely ever go for the window seat but I thought why not snug up to the window for my “long” flight from Detroit to Seattle! Flying during the middle of the day, also not so typical for me. Nonetheless I wanted to land the same time as Liza!

Omg I couldn’t believe the view of Mount Rainer out of my window on the clear sky day! I really love the mountains and crispy air !!

Our first stop was going to Amoire, where Emily works, it’s hidden in the back of a cafe called Callus! Which also looks like a plant shop lol.

We toured Pioneer Square, one of the historical districts being revitalized by cafes, art galleries, clothing and homeware stores etc. So cute.

A happy hour was on deck at Copal, delicious Mexican delights… no chips.. that was a first for a Mexican restaurant to me! But amazing margaritas and palomas.

Capitol Hill area was our next destination to meet up with Uni! Uni is a lovely pup whose super friendly and not so barkey bark.

Saturday we visited Pike Place Market, omg omg so fascinating and so cool. Y’all know how obsessed I am with farmers market but this place is next level, like the Pier 1 in San Francisco. This was probably my 3rd time at Pike Place, but it has been about 7 years. This time I had to buy fresh king crab claws… o my yumm…!! This is a new thing I like to eat in the last 2 or 3 years. Fantastic.

We saw the original Starbucks! And all of the tourist in line there. Lol.

We also went to Beechers Cheese, holy cow!! So worth waiting in the quick moving line for the grilled cheese made with flagship cheese, and the mac and cheese. Don’t forget to go for the samples in the back. It’s on the corner of Pine Street and basically the market itself. You can see the cheese being made ! So cool.

Also a must see is the Gum Wall under the Pike Place Market, check this out it is disgusting but fascinating.

Alki Beach is in West Seattle, that was a first for me. So funny we saw all these student aged people picking up trash, and they seemed excited about it. Our cultural norms where I live in the midwest led liza and I to believe they were in trouble and had to be doing that. However no, lol. We are in Seattle and they are the environmental science club and spending their Saturday afternoon saving mother earth… we know this because we asked… twice Haha

Loads of giggles and laughs, what more could you want. And basically wearing pajamas all day.

Xx until next time

Where did you just get back from?

I feel like people are always thinking I just got back from somewhere, somewhere cool. Well it’s always hard for me to say where in fact the last place they think I got back from ?

Like how did you really even know I was somewhere ? Did I verbally (or text) share that I was going somewhere? Did you follow along on social media ? Did you hear from someone else who say my social media ?

Are you the rare person who follows me on twitter ? Where I really share the most content lol

The last trip I came home from I mention, and people are like wait no that wasn’t it. I think it was Greece yea you were in Greece… no folks while I wish I was, it’s been about a year since I’ve been there. Everyday I wish I was there tho, gorgeous place if you ever get the chance.

Summer 2019 is dwindling away, and I itch for more travel. Trying to slide in another trip… or two.

I feel like my summers always kick off in Vegas, as I am there the weekend before memorial day for work. Since then I’ve been in South Dakota (Mt.Rushmore,Badlands, Deadwood, etc.) , Maine, Massachusetts (Boston,Salem), Cleveland for the MLB All Star Weekend, New York for Baby Ariellas first bday, Chicago for Melshaws Bday and a separate not 24 hours in Chicago for Ben’s engagement party, and a lot of Detroit !

No complaints, it’s just good to kinda look back and treasure the many memories made this summer so far, and the month ahead of many to come.

This summer especially I’ve spent what feels like more time than ever before with my family !! I’ve had opportunities to spend time with my extended family which just makes me so so happy and warm, and of course extra loved.

I always tell my Dad ” but it’s a trip of a life time I gotta go ” he says I’m very lucky to have what seems like a lot of those haha & indeed yes I am.

Now for my morning debate, starbucks or cold pressed green juice, or just get both.

Ta ta for now, and happy birthday to the ultimate trina ❤ H30B treenz

XX Linz

Do It For Detroit x November 2018 x Kenny Scharf


A photo of me and Kenny Scharf !!!  I’ve been crushing on his work for a decade !!

The man,the myth, the Legend of creating bright vibrant artistic style is Kenny Scharf.  October 2018 Kenny came to Detroit for an exhibit at the David Klein Gallery in downtown Detroit on Washington Boulevard. I ventured down to the gallery after working nonstop, and dragged a coworker along who was interested in learning more about the art world.

Featured here is a Space Dog – a hot dog in space lol IMG_20180912_083228_886.jpgIMG_20180916_100220_141.jpg

Allison Eden is an artist assistant who got the pleasure of wearing a Kenny Scharf creation !  He also painted about 4 cars during his time in Detroit, I almost went but ultimately had to be at work. One of my few regrets in life.

Post originally saved as a draft from November 2018. Side Note – it came to my attention that I have written and drafted tons of content. So do not be surprised if content being published is a bit back dated ❤ I am not totally sure why I have been hesitant to publish the content, considering this blog is use for my own personal lifestyle and timeline of memories.  Originally created as a spin off from my blog during study abroad, and to share all the exciting things happening in Detroit! 

Murals in Salem, Massachusetts

One may be thinking, why the heck would you go to Salem, Massachusetts ?? I must admit, we were not expecting any sort of an art scene. We wondered the town before our Witch tour and stumbled across the a number of murals which are featured here in the blog.

Even the famous Kenny Scharf (see blog post about his exhibit in Detroit here ) had a mural in town!

There were a few of these illustrations done adjacent to street drains … I’ve found the east coast to be big into composting, single stream recycling, and recycling in general.

Short and sweet post as I’m doing it from my phone.

XO Linz

#tr3ndeytravels x Female Owned x Drifter Coffee, Ferndale, MI

Off the beaten path in a light industrial area off Woodward Heights in Ferndale is the oasis called Drifter Coffee.

Female owned and operated these are the type of entrepreneurial spirit shops you want to go and be a patron. The venue itself is been open for less than a year, it’s a coffee house and roastery at its core but also a mystical welcoming space for all humans to come, read, play games, shop for locally made items, have a meeting/do work, or even attend events ie. Book club, yoga, and beyond.

There is an open greenhouse space with a variety of seating, tables and plants/flowers growing. Apparently this is where the yoga classes go down.

Towards the rear of the Space, you will lower an open window into the roastery where all the dank coffee is processed. I’m told they source beans from female farmed lands.

Inspo galore with messages within art frames. Some for purchase, some not.

I forgot to mention all of the yummy baked goods, gluten free, vegan, or just normal (lol).

I can’t wait to come back with my lap top to blog here, meet friends, and bring out of towner guest to. I wish I lived close enough to walk or bike here.

For now… livin like Lindsey


#doitfordetroit x KAWS

Totally fan girling over meeting the infamous “KAWS” in early May 2019 at the Mueseum of Contemporary Art in Detroit aka the MOCAD.

The MOCAD collaborated with Library Street Collective to bring the solo exhibit to Detroit! It has been about a year since the install of the KAWS statue called “Waiting” was placed at One Campus Martius, the heart center of Detroit’s central business district.

This AP ( artist proof ) statue is about being a liar hence the pinocchio nose.

Exhibits such as KAWS: Alone Again, puts Detroit on the map in the art scene. His art is internationally recognized and I do hope this inspires people to make Detroit a travel destination this summer !!

XX Linz


Detroit Dirty – the big and titty gritty event of the season.





If you have continued to scroll you clearly are a tad curious and also subjecting yourself to what I had to see in person and physically walk away from, not just X out the web browser.

2019 marks the 20th annual Detroit Dirty Show at the Russell Industrial Center. I feel compelled to share there is on site parking at a small fee of 10 bucks. Below is a photo stream of pics taken from my android.

Ding Dong – the ultimate bedside bell
Local Artist – Gingerly Made from Ferndale, MI “Thick as an eggplant”

Can’t help but to crack up about the emoji art above. Today in modern culture the eggplant emoji has been sexualized and officially unofficial code for penis.

“Out to Eat”
WOW, you don’t see Needlepoint work like this everyday
the infamous “Octopussy”
“Sit on my Space” cleaver

I did not know that “copperotica” was a thing, apparently people focus on making copper infused art erotic.

Anyone who attending the show was taken back by an erotic take on the Golden Girls. Most people are not thinking forward to sexy grandmas. However the most iconic of iconic “old ladies” were transformed and kink-i-fied here. One of my long term goals is to be a “G-I-L-F” !

The warehouse converted into a night of eroticism around art, community and the typically shadowed culture of sex were on full display. People dress up with not too much clothing on, perhaps a leash around the neck, or just nipple tassels. Of course, my crew and I did not dress like that. Maybe next year would wear a silly wig. Loads of neon large scale art this year and  action experiences such as walking through a vulva – a moving tunnel bridge thing. There was live action on how-to partake in Shibari aka Japanese Bondage ( obvs did not take pictures of this).

This event is always super strange but very intriguing.  There was a drop claw game machine called Mr. Grab Ass – where you could enter in a dollar bill and have a chance at retrieving a prize. All of prizes were like out of a white elephant game hosted at Lover’s Lane. The control stick was a penis, duh, and the claw had little penis toppers on them.  I coincidentally had $4 single dollar bills, one of each of us to participate. Of course, J won !! LOL we couldn’t stop laughing.   After we watched a girl on the silk’s hanging from the ceiling doing acrobatics. It’s hard work !! I’ve tried to do the silk’s in the Ann Arbor diag before, you need serious upper body strength.

We giggled our way out of the venue and ventured up to Hamtramck to Whiskey in a Jar, a dive bar where J’s friends were bar tending. It was the perfect – only- in-Detroit kind of night.

Do It For Detroit,