Where did you just get back from?

I feel like people are always thinking I just got back from somewhere, somewhere cool. Well it’s always hard for me to say where in fact the last place they think I got back from ?

Like how did you really even know I was somewhere ? Did I verbally (or text) share that I was going somewhere? Did you follow along on social media ? Did you hear from someone else who say my social media ?

Are you the rare person who follows me on twitter ? Where I really share the most content lol

The last trip I came home from I mention, and people are like wait no that wasn’t it. I think it was Greece yea you were in Greece… no folks while I wish I was, it’s been about a year since I’ve been there. Everyday I wish I was there tho, gorgeous place if you ever get the chance.

Summer 2019 is dwindling away, and I itch for more travel. Trying to slide in another trip… or two.

I feel like my summers always kick off in Vegas, as I am there the weekend before memorial day for work. Since then I’ve been in South Dakota (Mt.Rushmore,Badlands, Deadwood, etc.) , Maine, Massachusetts (Boston,Salem), Cleveland for the MLB All Star Weekend, New York for Baby Ariellas first bday, Chicago for Melshaws Bday and a separate not 24 hours in Chicago for Ben’s engagement party, and a lot of Detroit !

No complaints, it’s just good to kinda look back and treasure the many memories made this summer so far, and the month ahead of many to come.

This summer especially I’ve spent what feels like more time than ever before with my family !! I’ve had opportunities to spend time with my extended family which just makes me so so happy and warm, and of course extra loved.

I always tell my Dad ” but it’s a trip of a life time I gotta go ” he says I’m very lucky to have what seems like a lot of those haha & indeed yes I am.

Now for my morning debate, starbucks or cold pressed green juice, or just get both.

Ta ta for now, and happy birthday to the ultimate trina ❤ H30B treenz

XX Linz

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