Hey Ya’ll can barely believe it that we are rounding out 2019 and it has brought me to just think back about the days ahead and recently behind me. I make it a point to limit screen time, however, I am thinking back to most of the content i’ve recently  watched & wanted to see what has caught your fancy recently !?

I am Binge watching

  • Jack Ryan – Complete Season 2 
  • Stranger Things – Complete  Seasons 1-3
  • Shrill – Complete Season 1 
  • Schitt’s Creek – Completed Seasons 1 – 3
  • Good Girls – Complete  Season 1 
  • Ozark 
  • The Irish Men – literally could be a 4 part series 
  • Workin’ Moms

Weekly I am watching

  • Shameless
  • 90 Day Fiancée
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Sitcoms: Single Parents, Mom, Young Sheldon, Fresh Off the Boat, Black-Ish, and ??

I am patiently waiting to watch

  • Marvelous Ms. Maisel coming back on 12.6.2019
  • Grey’s Anatomy – January 2020 
  • Orange Is The New Black

Can’t hardly watch, but I am

  • Bikram Documentary

What I am Watching In Theaters

  • Ford V Ferrai 

When I am Watching Delta-In-Flight 

  • Dr. Ruth
  • Breaking Habbits
  • 10 Things I Hate About You

I don’t wear my blue blocking glasses – should I be?    LOL share with me what you would recommend under any of these categories !

PS. 2020 is going to be a leap year !! Taking it back to #366excited in just a few weeks!

xx Linz


Mount Rainier!

Please note the photos are soooo out of order !! Mobile uploads ugh.

But anyways, I barely ever go for the window seat but I thought why not snug up to the window for my “long” flight from Detroit to Seattle! Flying during the middle of the day, also not so typical for me. Nonetheless I wanted to land the same time as Liza!

Omg I couldn’t believe the view of Mount Rainer out of my window on the clear sky day! I really love the mountains and crispy air !!

Our first stop was going to Amoire, where Emily works, it’s hidden in the back of a cafe called Callus! Which also looks like a plant shop lol.

We toured Pioneer Square, one of the historical districts being revitalized by cafes, art galleries, clothing and homeware stores etc. So cute.

A happy hour was on deck at Copal, delicious Mexican delights… no chips.. that was a first for a Mexican restaurant to me! But amazing margaritas and palomas.

Capitol Hill area was our next destination to meet up with Uni! Uni is a lovely pup whose super friendly and not so barkey bark.

Saturday we visited Pike Place Market, omg omg so fascinating and so cool. Y’all know how obsessed I am with farmers market but this place is next level, like the Pier 1 in San Francisco. This was probably my 3rd time at Pike Place, but it has been about 7 years. This time I had to buy fresh king crab claws… o my yumm…!! This is a new thing I like to eat in the last 2 or 3 years. Fantastic.

We saw the original Starbucks! And all of the tourist in line there. Lol.

We also went to Beechers Cheese, holy cow!! So worth waiting in the quick moving line for the grilled cheese made with flagship cheese, and the mac and cheese. Don’t forget to go for the samples in the back. It’s on the corner of Pine Street and basically the market itself. You can see the cheese being made ! So cool.

Also a must see is the Gum Wall under the Pike Place Market, check this out it is disgusting but fascinating.

Alki Beach is in West Seattle, that was a first for me. So funny we saw all these student aged people picking up trash, and they seemed excited about it. Our cultural norms where I live in the midwest led liza and I to believe they were in trouble and had to be doing that. However no, lol. We are in Seattle and they are the environmental science club and spending their Saturday afternoon saving mother earth… we know this because we asked… twice Haha

Loads of giggles and laughs, what more could you want. And basically wearing pajamas all day.

Xx until next time

Where did you just get back from?

I feel like people are always thinking I just got back from somewhere, somewhere cool. Well it’s always hard for me to say where in fact the last place they think I got back from ?

Like how did you really even know I was somewhere ? Did I verbally (or text) share that I was going somewhere? Did you follow along on social media ? Did you hear from someone else who say my social media ?

Are you the rare person who follows me on twitter ? Where I really share the most content lol

The last trip I came home from I mention, and people are like wait no that wasn’t it. I think it was Greece yea you were in Greece… no folks while I wish I was, it’s been about a year since I’ve been there. Everyday I wish I was there tho, gorgeous place if you ever get the chance.

Summer 2019 is dwindling away, and I itch for more travel. Trying to slide in another trip… or two.

I feel like my summers always kick off in Vegas, as I am there the weekend before memorial day for work. Since then I’ve been in South Dakota (Mt.Rushmore,Badlands, Deadwood, etc.) , Maine, Massachusetts (Boston,Salem), Cleveland for the MLB All Star Weekend, New York for Baby Ariellas first bday, Chicago for Melshaws Bday and a separate not 24 hours in Chicago for Ben’s engagement party, and a lot of Detroit !

No complaints, it’s just good to kinda look back and treasure the many memories made this summer so far, and the month ahead of many to come.

This summer especially I’ve spent what feels like more time than ever before with my family !! I’ve had opportunities to spend time with my extended family which just makes me so so happy and warm, and of course extra loved.

I always tell my Dad ” but it’s a trip of a life time I gotta go ” he says I’m very lucky to have what seems like a lot of those haha & indeed yes I am.

Now for my morning debate, starbucks or cold pressed green juice, or just get both.

Ta ta for now, and happy birthday to the ultimate trina ❤ H30B treenz

XX Linz

Murals in Salem, Massachusetts

One may be thinking, why the heck would you go to Salem, Massachusetts ?? I must admit, we were not expecting any sort of an art scene. We wondered the town before our Witch tour and stumbled across the a number of murals which are featured here in the blog.

Even the famous Kenny Scharf (see blog post about his exhibit in Detroit here ) had a mural in town!

There were a few of these illustrations done adjacent to street drains … I’ve found the east coast to be big into composting, single stream recycling, and recycling in general.

Short and sweet post as I’m doing it from my phone.

XO Linz

#doitfordetroit x KAWS

Totally fan girling over meeting the infamous “KAWS” in early May 2019 at the Mueseum of Contemporary Art in Detroit aka the MOCAD.

The MOCAD collaborated with Library Street Collective to bring the solo exhibit to Detroit! It has been about a year since the install of the KAWS statue called “Waiting” was placed at One Campus Martius, the heart center of Detroit’s central business district.

This AP ( artist proof ) statue is about being a liar hence the pinocchio nose.

Exhibits such as KAWS: Alone Again, puts Detroit on the map in the art scene. His art is internationally recognized and I do hope this inspires people to make Detroit a travel destination this summer !!

XX Linz

Do It For Detroit x Ima Noodle Bar x @PhoneBeforeFork

This article was originally written for the Detroit Jewish News Nosh Section and was published on November 1 2018.

Ima Noodle Bar – Pronounced Ema like mom in Hebrew.  

Situated on Michigan Avenue in Detroit’s oldest and historic neighborhood Corktown you will find the little gem of a modern style Japanese noodle bar called ima. Causal in its demeanor and unassuming in its exterior appearance, you may accidently drive by it the first time you go. Keep  an eye out for the sign adhered to the building at the corner of Michigan Avenue & Vermont Street. 

It’s totally one of those chef-driven restaurants with a boat load of soul & flavor stuffed into a 900 SF space.  Chef Mike Ransom puts a creative spin on serve signature udon noodle soups, rice bowls, curries and small plates. His recipes are foul-proof and provide you the consistency of your favorite new neighborhood joint.  The menu is friendly to the spicy friends, vegetarian or vegan friends, and even the gluten free friends.  Divided up by sections such as Snack + Share, Noodles, Rices and Add-Ons. If you are a picky plain person you could have a heyday of a meal just by choosing several add-on options.   

Let’s get straight down to it – the must- haves include the Jicama shell [Ima] tacos & Lobster Udon, and Golden Curry with Tofu.  Inside the ima tacos your lips will be graced with wakeme slaw, green chili hot sauce, toasted corn, shiso, and the added protein of your choosing (spicy shrimp, roasted tofu, garlic chicken, smoked pork loin, or avocado).  Even the obligatory green salad is elevated and is known as “goddess greens” aka baby romaine, radish, jicama, avocado, furikake, with miso goddess dressing.  The noodle dishes will have you slurping for joy! The  silky savory broths are made over night for a period of 12-14 hours. You can literally sense all of good vibes and energy that were put into making the broth.  The golden curry dish makes you go MHMM   at first bite as the silky warm curry delights you from the outside in.  The golden curry dish is bright and colorful with in-house pickled and root vegetables surrounding your protein of choice on top a mountain of steamed rice with nori and hemp seeds . Don’t be disappointed that the boombap does not have a hot stone bowl beneath it – it will be delicious!  

Lobster Udon

Whether you are first or last to order, you can guarantee the flavors and quality will remain. There is street parking available on Michigan Avenue. Ima is a wallet-friendly restaurant where you don’t have to sacrifice a high price for a highbrow flavor.  Open 7 days a week Monday through Thursday 11AM to 10PM, Friday and Saturday 11AM to 11PM, and Sunday Noon to 10PM.  

It’s a walk in style restaurant but you are able to make reservations for parties of 6 or more by calling. Get ready to make new friends because this spot hosts communal tables supported by industrial chic chairs as well as window seating with high top bar seats.  I would recommend to go with a smaller group of people. The popular restaurant is busting at the seams with customers since the day it opened in 2007. Ima Noodle Bar expanded to include an all seasons patio with picnic tables. Recently Chef Mike Ransom announced he will be opening a 2nd location in Metro – Detroit’s Madison Heights.  Go get out of the house and get yourself a bowl of noodles at Ima!  

Golden Curry Rice Bowl

Detroit is my hometown and I gotta rep – come and visit and you won’t regret ! xx Linz

Do It For Detroit x Rose’s Fine Foods x @PhoneBeforeFork

This article was originally written for the Detroit Jewish News and their Nosh section.

Rose’s Fine Food is set up to be a long-time main stay on Detroit’s east side. Roses delivers an ultimate gourmet twist on typical American diner food.  Located on 10551 E. Jefferson @ Hastings St – there is a giant monument sign that you cannot miss. The free-standing building is adorned with a steel smoker out front emblemized with Roses’.  The Detroit chic diner occupies less than 1,000 square feet in turn leaving you with an intimate feel.   This may be in part to the welcoming staff whom of which all are knowledgeable, friendly and easy to converse with. You could sit and schmooze with them as if they were like old time friends!   

The tables are salvaged wood and chairs collected through the decades. Or park yourself at the diner counter on a leather swivel stool with a chair back. The mismatched vintage china flatware, mugs and cups are dainty and eclectic.  Live succulent plants along with house pickled kimchi, onions, and cucumbers line the floating shelves above the kitchen line.  It’s your classic open style kitchen dining experience. The overall feel of Roses’ is a nostalgic vibe with the absolute freshest ingredients.  

Upon entry to the space note the fresh smells of daily home baked items are inside an antique display case - definitely indulge in one of the items.  The most recent delectable dish I tried was a Rhubarb yogurt pie - feature in the photo. The items rotate along with daily drink specials such as lavender lemonade.  

The menu is fairly stable but does alter a tad per the season as Rose’s focuses on fresh locally sourced ingredients. Fun fact – one of the part time chefs is a full-time farmer whose urban farm about 6 miles away in Detroit.   The menu lends well to our vegan and gluten free friends as the menu denotes (v= vegan) and GF = gluten free options. Staple items are:  Grandpa Richard’s Pancakes (stack of delicious cakes made with organic stone ground flour, Michigan maple syrup and cultured butter), Staff Favorite 2.0 (a bowl of heirloom rice topped with maple bacon, mushrooms, house kimchi, avocado with a fried egg on top), and you can’t go wrong with one of the lunch sandwiches.  Don’t skip out on the variety of side dishes: Organic grits, toast, herby beans, grilled potatoes, and side of flapjacks. Fresh sides of meat you’ve got your applewood bacon, corridor sausage – pork or chicken. Corridor sausage is local product to Detroit. Maybe you’ve seen the Corridor Sausage deli in the Detroit Metro Airport or Ford Field. 

Blogging at Rose’s Fine Foods with the Staff Pick dish

Rose’s has a gravitational pull–one that instantly makes you feel like a regular. The 40-seat artisanal gem of a diner is best with a small group of 4 or less. It is also a great place if you are dining alone.  No stress about where to park – there is a lot with an ample amount of spaces. Like visiting any place in Detroit – don’t forget to put all items in your trunk or bring inside with you.  

The dynamic duo behind the origins of Rose’s Fine Food are Molly Mitchell and Lucy Peters. They are in fact cousins and named the restaurant after their common grandmother.  Next up for Molly Mitchell will be a polish inspired restaurant serving up perogies and more in Detroit’s West Village at the corner of Agnes & Van Dyke. Keep an eye out because this is a spot to track! 

You could pair a meal at Rose’s Fine Foods with a cruise around Detroit’s Bell Isle and a stop at the oldest aquarium in the nation. 

I always feel so inspired in venues where people are creating beautiful things – whether it be an atmosphere, a safe haven, a community or a dish of food. You feel the passion pouring out of everyone who works here. I am posting this blog post from Roses Fine Foods. As per the photo, I am creating content for a new post. Stay Tuned Lovers xx Linz