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A lesson in Cliteracy –


2 U = to you  – this is how you perceive it

YAP2U – what is young and what is pretty is all relative

Promoting a youthful and pretty lyfe

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French Fry Party !

French Fry Party !

Hope you didn’t think that Child Obesity didn’t just go down in the US…. apparently kids today in Japan & Korea are taking eating to the next extreme. This group of kids is FRY Binging here at a Local McDonalds!

This rambunctious group of friends thought they’d take advantage of a new promotion offering a cheap deal on extra Large French Fries ! The friends thought it’d be a fun idea( sure as hell looks it) to purchase $250 of FRENCH FRIES and lay out all the fries across a bunch of trays …. DREAM COME TRUE. Unfortuntely, they caused a huge stir and got kicked out of the Mickey D’s !


Ohhhhh KIDS TODAY ….