Mondaze in Ann Arbor, Michigan

A big part of Mondaze is Motivation, Mindfulness, & maintaining a Meatless diet

#TGIM Thank G-d It’s Monday – well yesterday was the first time i ever came across the abrev #TGIM – very bizarre but i went with the notion and continued to follow through with my version of Mondaze.

Mindful Monday was a sweet sweet success yesterday. Waking up on Monday Mornings I turn quickly to “snooze” which I think could be re branded as a time dedicated to meditation. I do not use my “snooze” to just roll my eyes back into my head & dream land but a moment of clarity.
Meditation Music makes the end of your day a sweet send off

Music of the day : Thomas Jack Vol 4 Tropical House

Getting super pumped up to go see him preform live in Chicago in February at The Mid. If you want to join me purchase your tickets here

Signing up for not one but TWO classes at The Barre Code in Ann Arbor : they have two fabulously convenient locations on is right downtown Ann Arbor on E Liberty between Maynard St & Thompson Street and the second is off Plymouth Road. The owner of The Barre Code Adri is a honey and i love supporting local startups & women ! #Girlpower – you don’t see too many men around The Barre Code but don’t let that stop ya felllas !

    Meatless Diet

Within the first thirty minutes of being awake and up & moving I like to have a piece of fruit to rev up my metabolism. Typically a Granny Smith Green Apple or Bartlett Pear.

Driving to Ann Arbor and getting off at Main Street I can’t help myself but stop into Mighty Good Coffee

Moving forward to lunch I walked over to my new go-to loving lunch spot Salads Up for a Mix It Up Salad filled with edamame, chic peas, cucumbers , red peppers, avocado , olives and broccoli with a spicy shiracha dressing! Dank.

Lady J ( maybe you remember her from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos ) whipped me up some mouth watering orgasmic roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner along with our favorite breakfast for dinner omelet while i took on my Mondaze Motion hard.

Mondaze are the perfect day to take your tasks head on >>>> this weeks mondaze motion was to figure out that darn crock pot that is taking up so much space in our kitchen ! One of my new favorite social networking sites Yummly.Com allows amateur and professional chefs alike share recipes in a YUMMY way ! Check out my Yummly Collection of #1307Daily Recipes . FRENCH ONION SOUP you are my b*tch and i’m making you mine ! tipping this off was to caramelize onions! wpid-snapchat-3594131855462917539.jpg

Follow along to hear more about how my #1307Daily activity of the week goes down !

#TCOY – take care of yourself

Keep Mindful and keep it Up !

Vibe On,

Chef Lshawtay : Knife Skills


Orange Supreme !



I’d like to think of my self as a Chef or one in the making ! I have a lot of fun in the kitchen , last year I made a few YouTube Videos about What’s In My Bag : Grocery Store Edition, which i’ll post later this week. One of the great things about living in Ann Arbor is there is Sur La Table just outside of Downtown! On my Instagram account you can find pictures from the classes I have taken : Croissants as well as Macrons.  While I cannot say I’ve mastered either or could make them 100% perfect at home, I’d give it a try ! Photographed in this blog you’ll see photos from my Knife Skills course.

Photographed first we have the Orange Supreme, which was actually the last thing we did in the class.  This was an interesting trick that I never even thought about. Unfortunately I have an allergy to oranges and the squirting of the juice makes me break out in hives, but thats for another day! It kind of reminds me of how oranges come in a can, which I think is vile.

I would love to demonstrate this trick for friends of mine, I feel like it is a very fancy look for an orange slice! 

We learned about the different parts of the knife and how they are made and put together. NOT ALL KNIVES ARE THE SAME! You may see a famous Knife brand on special sale, but it is for a reason!! It is not the same high quality of the original line thats full price.

Sharpening your knives is very important ! Granted the women who taught the class is a professional Chef and has gone to Pastry School, I do believe her advice. She has been going to the same guy who is like 80 to sharpen her knives for over a decade!



All of the ingredients photo’d surprisingly turned into an amazing Pico De Gallo!! We learned to to properly chop a tomato – this was another troubling one for me as I have an allergy to them as well ! I did wear gloves which were very helpful and I would recommend any one would for the sake of cleanliness & smell. Came in handy for doing the onions as well 😉





Not Photo’d is the Bread Knife with ridged edges !

4 My Future Crib Spot

salt npeperOne day when I move into my next apartment where I’ll host lavish dinner parties … i hope to fill my kitchen with only the funnest best gadgets that keep everyone entertained ! You betcha I’d buy something like these Grenade Salt & Pepper Shakers … voodoo-display-red

In my real home back in the hood, we have this cool Knife Holder – I’d definitely like to have one of these too… everything in my future crib spot will be trendy bright and fun !!