Knock Knock – Morning Meditation

Knock Knock where have I been?  I feel like I have found myself continuously saying ” I’m trying, I am trying” but in actuality I’ve been doing and going but not taking the time to be fully present and aware.  Trying sounds so tiring and without an accomplished feeling result.  I am writing this of this revelation today, after a 10 minute mediation. For Cyber Monday I purchased a yearly membership to , after following her on Instagram for quite sometime I decided to plunge and pay for her health based services. One day in the next 365 I am sure we will cross paths in person, whether it be on purpose or not. Seamlessly meeting up with quasi celebrities happens to me all the time and doesn’t quite phase me.  Moving forward I will blog these memorable interactions as this blog serves as a digital memory book of my life learnings and experiences.

My background with Meditation.  At the University of Michigan, I enrolled in a class with Martha called Jazz 450. I took it with my sister, best friend, and a few other people  we knew.  Weekly we would attend class, walk outside in silence, and journal.  We read a book called ” the miracle of mindfulness” by thicht nhat hahn   – I highly recommend it!  I felt a renewed sense of energy each week and genuinely did solo mediations when not in class. Fast forward to end of semester, graduating, and life moving on from the class.  I continued a living a mindful life.

I was all about living in the moment, being in the present, only being present minded. While I thought this hyper awareness was super positive, the harsh realities of adult-ing aka planning things in advance and thinking ahead did not adhere to this in the moment vibe.

Living in Ann Arbor for 3 years after college, allowed me to pop back into Martha’s meditation classes from time to time. Overall it kept my stimulated mind focused on being mentally aware and mindful. I was (still am) the friend you call whose ready to go-go-go and participate in whatever fun activity you want to do.

There was a shift in this mentality when I moved to a more adult job in an adult world in Birmingham, MI. I now have a job that requires tons of planning ahead. Not to mention my social life and coordinating weekends with friends. As we grow older it seems everyones schedules more complex, and while not impossible it has become increasingly challenging to do spur of the moment activities.  We are no longer kept in a bubble cluster that we were used to for the previous 18-22 years of our lives.

Back to meditation – Since moving to Birmingham 3 years ago, I dabbled with the headspace app and just found the robotic act of using an app on my phone as a digital distraction to the goal of meditation. Ultimately leaving me to ditch meditation all together.  I am excited to get back into this journey and feel more at peace with myself.

Namastay, have a good day!



Detroit x Hygienic Dress League


Mid-October 2019 – the Hygienic Dress League husband & wife duo took over the closed Conners Creek Power Plant in Detroit. It’s adjacent to the Edison Boat Club at 100 Lycaste Street sitting on 75 acres. It was the former DTE power plant.

The exhibit was called “Value Proposition”, which references the diamond-water paradox of value, which asserts the contradiction that although water is more useful regarding survival than diamonds, diamonds are considered more valuable on the market. Hygienic Dress League put up three installations – the first and largest was the suspended from a crane Diamond called “Diamond II”.  Of course this one was my favorite as I’m all about the DiamondLyfe !

We visited pre – dinner at Lumen in Beacon Park.  Obviously it was an outdoor exhibit on a freezing fall weather night.





Wedding Season #LoveIsGrand

Wow just got back into the burbs from a magical weekend in Mackinaw Island. Two friends of mine Madeline & Jake chose to celebrate their love and marriage in Mackinaw Island.  I haven’t been to Mackinaw for quite a few years, maybe the last time I was there was 07 or 08 !

Growing up, my summer Camp Walden would have a “special day” activity where each age group would venture off to Mackinaw for the day. I think i’ve been there about 12 times now. I started going to Camp Walden of Cheyboygan when I was 9 years old!  Cheboygan is one of the closest cities to Mackinaw. The bus ride over to the ferry dock never felt so long.

This time around was different my honey love and I drove from the suburbs up to Mackinaw City.  We purchased Ferry Tickets for Shelpers in advance and paid for parking on site ($15 for 3 nights! not bad).  The ferry ride is about 20 minutes and you have awesome views of the Mackinaw Bridge, the Grand Hotel & the fort.

It is so funny how this island takes you on a trip back in time as there are basically no cars on the island ! everyone bikes, walks, or rides horse drawn carriages. The only cars on the island are emergency vehicles.  There are 4 fire trucks, 2 police cars and 1 emergency car(kinda like an ambulance).

This trip was different as I was in town for 2 friends wedding vs running to the local pay phones to call and talk to my parents for the first time in a few weeks.  It is funny to think kids at camp now probably don’t even know what pay phones are! we used to dial our parents on a collect call to get ahold of them.

The fudge shops are just as i remembered them  – Murdocks, Ryba’s and Joanne’s ! There is always of course Sanders too. I don’t really love it as much I used to but the smells are just as pungent and delicious.

It really felt like a Pure Michigan weekend – we got to explore in nature on the first morning with a 2 hour bike ride around the island which was organized by the Grand Hotel and the 2nd morning we kayaked to Arch Rock for 2 hours. I loved being able to just be in the present moment and embrace the beauty around me. I have to admit i did bring my cell on the kayak as its really cool new and water proof !! my life jacket happened to have a zip pocket so why not  – right?!

We rode in horse drawn carriages all around the island. It’s a little immature but I couldn’t help but laughing when the horses start pooping while walking and driving us around !! The 1st night we went off to the Pinky Pony Bar. Honestly it felt like a right of passage for me – this was always the cool place the counselors went to drink . It was like i learned about alcohol from camp and this was the place to have some – and now here i am 28 years old doing it !  The live music was fabulous and lively. We went over to Island Pizza for a late night snack after.

The 2nd night we took the carriages “into the woods” which is on the property of the Grand Hotel. Btw we stayed at the Grand Hotel – like OMG !! this place is so cool and really takes you back in time. Each room is individually designed and funky! Our room was bright and pineapple themed.  I was out of my mind as I love Pineapple vibes !  The Grand Hotel is home to the world’s largest porch about 660 FT long!

Pics to come in the next post with more to the story !!

xo Linz

Barshawlona x The Art is Trash

I couldn’t even believe my eyes. Here I am 7 years later walking the streets of #barshawlona (my home). My heart beats feverishly out of my chest of with loads of joy. Déjà vu like whoa. It’s even more special because I have the reign to showcase my city to my lover for his first time. All the feels of feels being felt.

Honestly, it has taken me a little bit of time to even begin to digest everything that I have just encountered and experienced. First with my fellowship and then post fellowship adventures in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. I’ve hardly scratched the surface and don’t quite know what to share first and/or what medium to share on.

I’ve found that face to face conversations have barely even covered my true experience. The questions have been basic and straight forward … I let the other person lead the conversation and get their questions squared away before launching into my own topics of choice.

Today I want to share with you the art life on the streets [in Barcelona]. The thing that makes everyday the best day ever and one day better than the next is the urban lifestyle of being on the streets and wandering through different neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has a unique sense of architecture, persona demonstrated through retail shops/ bodegas and overall vibe. Leading yourself left and right and through and straight straight … taking you on a new sense of adventure every turn. You experience the noise of a variety of languages vibrating in your eardrums. And seeing how to capture the moment with even a half sense of what it feels to be physically present.

While studying abroad in 2011, I enrolled in a Photojournalism class. After learning 101 abilities with our hand held point and shoot cameras we were to hit the streets of Barcelona. Our teacher Photo Fred enlightening us that the true life of Barcelona is on the streets, witnessing the people and interactions. Assignment 1 : create a Photo essay. Sounds simple enough, pick a time and a day to go out and collectively take a series of related photos (5 to 7) that will tell a story.

☆ being the over achieving Michigan student I was … I wrote a 4 page essay and had the photos to share as well.

Low and behold, the “photo essay” was truly just meant to be photos and no words. (Insert- monkey with face over eyes emoji). With seeing the photos the viewer was able to understand a story or the photographers point of perspective. LOL. Needless to say I did get an A on assignment 1 & lesson learned for assignment 2 … no worded essay necessary.

Taking the photo journalism very seriously I spent the semester working on my photo skills. It worked to my advantage as I could use the photos for my Journalism 2.0 class as well. The class was all about best practices for blogging and creating quality content.

Long story long … because I can’t help myself but to share all of the details and back story. Scroll back up and take a look at the first photo, and now scroll back down and see this photo from 7 years ago March 2011 taken by my Verizon Wireless Blackberry.

Do you notice any similarities ?

One day when walking home from school alone I came across this comical ” piece of art ” by the garbage can. It cracked me up. While it meant something for a short while, the image escaped my mind for years to come.

Before my euro trip I purchased a new camera to improve the quality of my photography skills. As it has been a hot minute since my days of photo Fred class. A cool thing we learned when booking our AirBnb for Barc was that they now offer “experiences”. We signed up for a session for Photography & Street Art of El Raval, a neighborhood that has been gentrified since I was last in barc.

Flash forward the artist that resonated with me 7 years ago is a featured artist at Base Elements gallery. Base Elements gallery was the final stop on our “photography and street art tour of el raval”. The artist’s name is Francisco De Pajaro! My man. I’m sure you find this as cool as I do. He is an emerging older artist who is taking the streets as his bitch. Unfortunately he was in Valencia when we were in town and did not get the opportunity to meet him. We happily purchased a piece of his to add to our art collection.

I’ve been having many full circle moments recently. I believe that if you live your truth you will be more mindful of how many full circle moments appear to your consciousness.

Do you. Refresh your skills. Re learn to excel.

Keep on…

Livin The Life,


Germany Close Up x The Well 2018


Halo from Berlin(z) Germany. Berlinz.JPG

I would like to share with you a short memo regarding the opportunity of a lifetime of which I applied to, accepted, and my participation in the program recently completed.   I am a young professional person who identifies as being Jewish living in North America. These two elements of self allowed for me to apply to the Germany Close Up program.

Germany Close Up ” American Jews Meet Modern Germany” is  is currently administered by Action Reconciliation Service for Peace  in cooperation with the New Synagogue Berlin – Centrum Judaicum Foundation. Germany Close Up is funded by a grant from the German Government’s Transatlantic Program, which draws on funds from the European Recovery Program (ERP) of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. As such, the program aims to encourage German-Jewish-North American dialogue as well as to strengthen the involvement of the North American Jewish community in transatlantic relations. 

The program began 16 February 2018 and I traveled with a 28 person group and two local guides (Anne and Richard) around Berlin and Hamburg, Germany.  I’d like to share with you the essays that I wrote for my application to the program.

PART ONE – introduction to me and my interest in participation

People fascinate me – I’m a millennial in my late twenties who spends her time interfacing with individuals seeking connections and opportunities to collaborate with one another.  I strongly believe everyone knows something I don’t know.  We can teach and learn from one another by listening and gaining perspective that may change our view on the world.  New media allows for people globally to communicate in ways that our elders could not.  Our experiences, traditions and stories can be documented and shared at new heights.

The idea of practicing Judaism and learning how it intertwines us all on a deeper level intrigues me.  Judaism was something I was born into and I have taken it upon myself to actively participate in the community, while following the traditions and teachings of the Torah.  After my Bat Mitzvah, I could have easily dismissed religion outside of the high holidays – my parents and grandparents never forced me to continue with Hebrew School in High School but I wanted to. I participated in the Youth Federation of Temple Israel‘s Board as the Membership Vice President – working to engage other Metro Detroit teens to join along and participate in events. Although, has been a decade ago, but I still cherish the short time I was able to connect to my Jewish peer group each week.

I am a fourth generation alumnae of the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.  Jewish-based organizations at U of M made a large university feel like a small community. For a year, I participated in the Jewish Awareness America (now known as Jewish Resource Center) practicing a Modern Orthodox lifestyle.  Being an alumnae of the University of Michigan means being part of something bigger than myself. I feel that the same holds true for being Jewish on a global scale.

After graduation, my heart was not ready to leave Ann Arbor. I had the fortunate opportunity to take on a Leasing Specialist & Management role at the brand new premier luxury student housing company on campus. I achieved my professional goal of bringing the brand new property to 100% occupancy and maintaining it for three years. But to me a greater lesson was learned about how to interact with people from all walks of life and from all over the world.  Interacting with the residents from 35+ different countries on a daily basis allowed for my worldly horizons to expand, an unexpected perk of my position. I learned of their hobbies, how they grew up, where they went for vacations and was exposed to their home countries’ culinary delights – I was hooked, utterly engaged and ready to take my next opportunity to travel.

Being an early adaptor to technology, at the University of Michigan I studied social media platforms and how the mass media affects society. The world today can be seen through a lens via social media platforms. Instagram provides escapism and discovery of images from around the globe. It’s endless in what you can learn and discover on the internet, it’s just a matter of how long and hard you want to look. I’m a go-go-go gal who has an innate thirst for authentic and meaningful experiences.   

The thrill of being a commercial real estate broker is that my experiences, interactions and travels can always be tied back and made into a deal. A majority of my waking moments are spent prospecting retail concepts and figuring out how to add value to a community.  Everywhere in the world has retail shops and restaurants – what every city does not have is the opportunity to play a role in the revitalization and re-development of historic property.  My understanding and research shows that Berlin and Detroit both have strong creative energy and entrepreneurs driving new life into each market. I want to be able to gain my own firsthand experiences and be witness to how Germany functions in a post –industrial society and how they are re-developing their buildings.  It is important to understand the history of a city and how that sets it up for present day society.

Moreover, on a deeper level what is it that has drawn a group of young professional Metro Detroiters to gather and all have interest in traveling to Germany for nine days.


Perspective is a powerful thing. Modern times and our access to technology allow for an ever-evolving perspective of how individuals can learn about new places and cultures- including Germany.  History is never remembered objectively. It is not simply a compilation of facts. Instead, history is molded and altered by the way people choose to retell it from generation to generation. Now factoring in the internet and the mobile society which adds a new layer of story being put into the stratosphere.

At a young age we are instilled with the negative dialogue of Germans and Germany.  We hear the horrors of the holocaust and the commonly spoken words, “Never again!” We are taught to only think of Germans as Nazis or descendants of Nazis.  Back in the day when the Holocaust was taking place, people knew but couldn’t possibly begin to understand the severity of it because they did not have the modern media and communication outlets to showcase the happenings.  It’s much easier to turn a blind eye to a horrific mass murder when you don’t see images or videos.  Today’s media landscape keeps the general public steadily informed as casualties are revealed.  140 character messages blasted at you with the simple touch of your finger.

Flash forward to modern day and we are on sensory overload with images, videos and voices surfacing on screens to influence our viewpoints of the world. Simultaneously we are expected to balance and manage the past thoughts of our memory bank.  It’s hard to imagine a world where all the information is not accessible.

I look for the best in every situation and want to spread the potential light that is shining within young professionals in a country thousands of miles away. I would look forward to the powerful discourse and learning of why a country that is most notably known for killing millions of Jewish people now has one of the largest growing Jewish populations in the world.

Sharing information and experiences with others is powerful. Being selected as a participant of Germany Close Up’s collaboration with The Well of Detroit would give me the opportunity to share my perspective and story about past and present life in Berlin. I’m eager to learn more about what is happening now 40+ years later to make Berlin so desirable. I have a basic understanding that there has been a long standing relationship between Detroit and Berlin in the evolution of technological music.  Pending the completion of my experience, I’ll have an expanded mindset and knowledge base. At the same time, I want to be able to share my tales of the social action impact young professionals are making in Detroit.

My intrinsic thirst for gaining knowledge is most fulfilled by immersing myself in travel. Creating an itinerary with a perfected mix of history, tourist hot spots and local flare. Food and beverage can be an interesting avenue to understand an underlying constant within a region.  You have to understand where a country or city has been before understanding why and how it stands today and where it could go moving forward.

I spent a spring semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain – we traveled to 11 different cities outside of Barcelona. One of the most memorable travel experiences during my trip was a weekend spent in Germany – instead of going to Ireland for a traditional St Patrick’s day – we went to Munich.   Our plane was preparing for landing – all of the emotions I had ever felt, thought, heard or learned about Germany and its history were now going to be altered by my 20 year old real life personal experience. It was uncontrollable- when we landed I burst into tears, my emotions were sweeping over me like I had never felt before.

Upon our arrival to the hostel, the gentleman at the front desk helped us put together a trip to Dachau for the next day, he noted that it would be a great day for the concentration camp as it was going to be raining, dreary, and cold.  Is he kidding?  Once I was in through the iron gates and standing where the barracks once laid, a chill came over my body and I realized why he said that. I stood there in my raincoat, boots, umbrella and layers of clothes feeling miserable about this weather.  It struck me – my people stood here with so much less protection and warmth than I had.  There is this feeling in your gut that is unexplainable, and you sense the spirits of those that once filled this place. I was completely consumed by memories of these people and their families. Experiencing this day trip with my girlfriends was one of the most emotional days of my 20 years of life.

Lastly, my connection to Germany lies in an 18 year old friendship with a friend of mine, Caroline. Her family moved to Bloomfield Hills for her dad’s job in the auto industry.  At nine years old it was announced in my class that a new girl would be coming to school who would also participate in advanced higher learning math (yay I will not be the only girl now), who loves to snow ski , play tennis, and has a younger brother the same age as my sister.  We were instant friends and continue to be.  I saw Caroline and her family during my Munich trip in 2011 and last year we met up in Amsterdam while she was there consulting for Mckinsey.

Connecting with the locals and learning what day-to-day life is like is important to me and my travels. I tirelessly communicate with my ever-expanding network, follow travel blogs and Instagram accounts for tips on an exciting fun local experience. Amsterdam, London, Miami, Chicago, or wherever my travels take me –  I’ve uncovered the local coffee shop with cold brew, most fabulous juice bar or the cute little breakfast place with avocado toast.  It’s my mission to seek out street artists who have made their marks all over the world and get excited when I am able to recognize them in my adventures.  There is limitless possibility of what ties the young professionals of Berlin to those of Metro Detroit.

It would be an unbelievably powerful experience to go to Germany alongside a group of Jewish young Detroiters and a guide.  There is a small fire inside of me that needs new logs. To have the privilege 7 years later to go back to Germany would light my fire.


PROST! SALUD! L’CHAIM! CHEERS! I am here writting to you from Berlin, this ROCKS! Please stay tuned for more details of my experience.



Meal Time Talk x Berlin

Halo! reporting Live from Berlin!! I just got back from dinner with my childhood BFF caroline her beau and a group of lovely intelligent friends. the conversation at dinner took towards “the power of now” a book that was written by a german man Eckhart Tolle. He is widely popular in the US and it seems to be a somewhat unfamiliar book to many germans. After doing a little post dinner “google-ing” or “bing-ing” i have found that this book has been translated into 33 languages and in the late 90s was in Oprahs Book club…. !! a friend at the table was truly enlightened by this book and has for the last 14 days taken the time to write down 3 things he is grateful for each day.  this has helped him bring his focus to the present time and created an increased awareness of self and self motivation. he feels that at the end of it all  – all we are trying to do is be happy and how do you best achieve this happiness ? by being aware of your level of gratitude in the present moment.

What are we truly grateful for ? Take the time to think about it….

Today I will note that I am grateful for 1) the opportunity for being able to have a dinner with local germans 2) growing up with a fabulous friend caroline who moved from Germany to the US in elementary school 3) to share with them my story and the story of Detroit ; its revitalization and current movement driven by young people like ourselves.

I do believe 1-3 + of them plus their fellow PHD peers will come to Detroit before year’s end.



Travel Time x Amsterdam Afternoon 2.16.18

Felt good to have the sun shining on my face for the first time in 2018 it feels. Stroopwafels ! Walked over canals lined with bikers and walkers. Yes those are dreadlocks out the bottom of that man’s sweatshirt. Visited the historic house of Van Loon, Grey Area and Original dampkring, stopped at the french fry stand and tried Havalah! #Amsterdam is just simply the best place to buy presents. Sept 2016 I shopped at a store called presents! But did not make it this time around. Off to TXL!! Starbucks in hand 🙂 Happy Camper, Linz