The last six weeks of my life have been enamored with FLASH TATS ! I am an avid user of Tumblr and through some scrolling saw #FlashTats on a blog ages ago. The imagery stuck with me a temporary tattoo for trendy trinas !  aka the baddest betch or just an adult who wants to have their day brightened !

FLASH TATS! FLASH TATS! FLASH TATS ! The best way to pump up your day! wpid-snapchat-20140909084548.jpg

#InformativeInteresting this post will provide you with both types of information ! My pensive self is photo’d and you can see the #FlashTats covering my fore arm. This series of FlashTats is a made up of a mixture of different FlashTats cut up and re-arranged.

First Flash Tats San Francisco , Aug 7 2014

First Flash Tats
San Francisco  Aug 7 2014

HiGH FIVE – this photo on the right was taken at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco , CA  on a Friday afternoon. HIGH FIVE #tgif ! 

> Outside Lands 2014 took place during the first weekend of August 2014 in the Golden Gate Park. August 8th through Sunday the 10th.  The bracelet charm duo shines bright at #OSL14 !

  • Mani Cam – princesses rule OPI 

At the festival it felt like a majority of female attendees supported at least one #flashtat on her limbs, body or fayce.

#ChildOfTheWild x #FlashTat released a limited edition




when strolling the Richmond area of San Francisco we walked to the 22nd block and found ourselves at the door step of Fabulous Nails Spa ! WOW ! We entered and were impressed by the green tea & clean zen atmosphere. I picked pinking of you OPI !  Spotted here in the photo on the left. a THUMBS UP for Fabulous Nails, Flash Tats and San Francisco !

Supporting my WHiTE Frendz headphones compliments of Gilt.com

FTC : For The City snapback hat purchased at the Haight Street Location, San Francisco, CA. 

All Black Everything

#DoITforDetroit #FlashTats #DiamondLyfe

#DoITforDetroit #FlashTats #DiamondLyfe

Located in The Nichols Arboretum , Ann Arbor, MI  123 acres of pure nature. I highly recommend a walk/run adventure in this sacred space. What will you find here is that nature runs far and wide , a variety of areas for resting and relaxing, stone steps and  people playing frisbee.

Photo’d an arm band of flash tats and the front side of the FTC Snapback. I was attached to the FTC shop on Haight – cuz i like to put on for my city – DETROIT.

Lean & Green  #Motivation Monday

Lean & Green #Motivation Monday

On the right : Cheers! to a Motivation Monday  with a green drink that was pressed from a central fugal juicer at the GlassBox Coffee Shop on South University, Ann Arbor, MI.  Going to this shop right when it opens in the morning is important to me because the juicer should be the least contaminated by other ingredients ( I have an oral sensitivity to certain fruits & vegetables) .

Spotted : arrow flash tats 

The flash tats featured in the photos above lasted for about a week more or less depending on the placement.

IE. when on the hands they tend to come off more quickly due to hand washing and lotion.

#Tgif #LshawtayinDaHouse

#Tgif #LshawtayinDaHouse

FlashTats are bright and cheerful – they maintain the sparkling gold , silver or bold black for quite a few days!

FlashTats spark a curiosity –  people get to talking – what are those ? where are they from? how can i get them? what did you say they were called again? who wears these besides you?

FlashTats are FUN ! they are the perfect addition to anytime you hangout with friends , are hosting/ attending a pre-game or just simply for a more FABULOUS DAY!

FlashTat Friday ! a trend in social media in the #tagboard world – applying your FlashTat on a Friday means you will definitely have it all wknd !!


Featured on the left is what resembles a crown upside down arm band – from the henna inspired line of FlashTats.

FlashTat Friday !

FlashTat Friday ! #HighFive

On the Left we have a High Five Friday shot of a friend of mine who is featured with Essie

Sew Pysched.  The henna inspired FlashTat stretches down her middle finger, hand and forearm.  Emerald Ring to match the nails !


HiGH FiVE you made it to the end of the week

& time for a fresh FlashTat with Friendz !

La Ti dah time goes on and there is always more FlashTat Fun!

Full Fledge Flash Tats – are you feeling indulged ? Do you want to know more?  The information thus far had to be somewhat informative for whatever aspect you fancy !



In observance of national Left Handed Day – I supported a re-arranged FlashTat creation on my Left hand.

Wave Field on Hayward Street on the University of Michigan’s North Campus –  perfect match to the 50 green wave bumps Maya Lin designed is the Ray Ban Aviators with Green Lens.  Again featured on the left arm band is the upside down crown.

FlashTat FUN

FlashTat FUN

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Do it for Detroit x Anthology Coffee x August2014

8 months deep in the goal to #doitfordetroit once a month.
I sit here and reflect back on the journeys and adventures that I have endured and experienced.
Each adventure to the D thus far has to discover and uncover art, culture and passion!
While visiting my local Juice Shop in Ann Arbor,  the glass box coffee shop, on a lovely Monday morning in the first week of August … I was enlightened with the knowledge of Anthology Coffee.   Jon informed me of the venue that serves up authentic and raw passion. He warned me to not let the exterior of the building deter me from entering the coffee house.
Dayum was he correct in my hesitation to enter the mysteriously placed Anthology.  Located off Michigan Avenue on 1410 Vermont Street , tucked away in a mural coveted building.  Construction site to your left and small rubble parking lot on your right. I hide my valuables in my chest pocket and made a quick walk for the door… it really wasn’t that sketchy just a little alone in the corner.
Anthology was a cool coffee lab…! Where the bags of beans lined the entrance, the center table hosted the cold and hot brew pour overs and a small box of the founders wife’s famous peach coffee cake. Delightfully greater upon entering,  I was asked what I’d like to have.
The two guys happened to be cold brewing an enormous fresh batch of the El Salvador beans. I waited a bit and drank my first glass while conversing with two local female art curators. Our conservation began at the sight of my Flash Tats ! ♡ obsessed with them ♡
The guys at Anthology offered me a deal of 4 bottles of cold brew in a little to go manner. I was ecstatic to watch the coffee be cold brewed, bottled and labeled before my eyes. A True Detroit made product that was filled with passion!  The local art of brewing and bottling coffee, the mural culture surrounding the place and my passion for discovering the D !! What a day!


#BBOTD #TBT – Perfectown, USA


Let’s kick this Thursday off with a Throwback of P.Diddy !! I’ve loved this video for ages, but never watched the video. I wonder what Mr.Sean Combs thinks of this video these days!! Bad Boys For Life


Cheers to your eargasm!

Lshawtay In Da House


Are you wondering yet why all your friends on Facebook are dumping buckets of ice water on their heads and than DEMANDING 3 – 4 of their other friends to DUMP ICE water on their heads??

Honestly, I’m quite infatuated with the fact that people feel so compelled to complete this “challenge” with in 24 hours of their friends giving out this DEMAND via Facebook ….

It is like the modern day CHAIN MAIL – but more instantaneous … !! this ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE is one of the most viral social video around. People are not only doing this as individuals but completing the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE with their PIC ( Parnter in Crime)

, Boyfriends & Girlfriends, mothers, sisters, aunts, brothers ,cousins, and dogs. and HEY EVEN CELEBS like LeBron are completing the challenge too! Is it really a challenge to dump a bucket of ice water on your head? to me it seems pretty easy to find someone to film you doing the deed or to simply set up your smart phone at the right angle to properly film yourself dumping ice on your head. grabbing a bowl or a real bucket (cheers to those who have gone out of their way to buy a bucket for your video) to then fill with water and put some ice cubes into it.

I’d like to give a shout out to those who try and find the most incredible scenery to complete the challenge in front of – like whoa you are super awesome doing this challenge and in front of somewhere wonderful ! and it is rather bizarre for those who didn’t do it out side on their gorgeous patio with a view of their loving city’s skyline but we know what ALL of our FACEBOOK FRIENDS bathrooms look like?? No thanks.

It’s practically unavoidable to sign into Facebook and not see hundreds ( well if you are popular) of “friends” posting a video of them having ice water dumped on their heads and SCREAMING like ahhh i had no idea this would be cold!!

Did anyone really think about WHY they are doing this? Who started this ?

WELL WELL WELL – if you even cared to look up what ALS meant cheers to you – if you did not keep reading to find out :

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis aka the Lou Gehrig’s disease

Side note : for those of you who do not know who Lou Gehrig is, He was an incredible baseball player, a hall of fame guy!This JULY 4th 2014 will mark 75 years since legendary Hall of Famer and CMG Worldwide client, Lou Gehrig heartbreakingly said goodbye to baseball with his iconic “Luckiest Man” speech at Yankee Stadium in 1939.

I think it is quite the coincidence that this summer marked a big anniversary for Lou Gehrig stepping down from baseball as the Iron Man and that the ALS ice bucket challenge began !

ALS gained awareness first by Lou Gehrig, when he had to stop playing baseball his passion due to ALS.

ALS is a rapidly progressive, invariably fatal neurological disease that attacks the nerve cells (neurons) responsible for controlling voluntary muscles (muscle action we are able to control, such as those in the arms, legs, and face). unfortunately ALS is incurable and has not really received much attention or funding until now. there have been millions of donations made and over a million videos posted of people completing the ice bucket challenge. while i do think it is fabulous and fantastic that ALS has now gotten a significant amount of awareness and funding i do worry people still are not taking the next step to research ALS !

According to Wikipedia ” The challenge was popularized in the United States when, on July 15, 2014, golfer Chris Kennedy did the ice-bucket challenge and challenged his cousin Jeanette Senerchia of Pelham, N.Y., whose husband, Anthony, has had ALS for 11 years. A day later she did the challenge while her 6-year-old daughter filmed her in front of their house. Ms. Senerchia’s network on Facebook connected with Pat Quinn, a 31-year-old in Yonkers, N.Y., who was diagnosed with ALS in March 2013. Mr. Quinn called upon his friends and family. Soon, his whole network was posting challenges, including family in Florida, friends in Ireland and Greece, and a bar full of locals, which was broadcast on local television.

Mr. Quinn’s Facebook network overlapped with Massachusetts resident and former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, who has ALS, began posting about it on Twitter.

Someone participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The ice bucket challenge has also hit the United Kingdom, social media feeds are filled with people doing it for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. “

If you fail to dump a bucket of ice water on your head within 24 hours of nomination you are suppose to donate $50 – $100 or more to ALS. So it’s up to you …. DUMP or DONATE?

I say BOTH !

Donate Here: http://www.alsa.org/donate/

This just in : as of August 17th 2014 the ALS Association said they have raised over 13.3 Million dollars in donates this summer, predominately from the social media sweep of the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE.

As of August 11, the association said they had raised $1.35 million nationally since July 29th. The numbers are increasing by the minute.

This challenge is mainly a viral video in the USA.

Cheers to social media being used for a great good !!

Tunesday Tuesday! #BBOTD : TOVE LO

Tove Lo “stay high” – she’s a sweedish pop singer ! What is in the water over in Sweeden that produces boyz n’ girls who just crush the music game?!

I’m so into this bumping beat of the day ! Shout out to my homegirl in San Francisco Anne for showing me this awesome music video ! It’s not everyday your bumping beat has a dope video to play along with it
Cheers to August 14 Eargasm !!
DJ Lshawtay

Rockin’ Ramen


Keizo Shimamoto is reinventing the happy meal with his Ramen Burger and new Ramen Fries.

Unlike the Ramen Burgerthe Ramen Fries are double fried in the deep fryer – ! Contrary to popular belief, the Ramen Burger Bun is NOT FRIED! 

The ramen king <<< Keizo Shimamoto >>> is using his noodle in the kitchen. He’s crafted a soon-to-be launched fried chicken ramen burger and is working to perfect a ramen churro.


FYI : Ramen Noodles


Ramen Noodles are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Originating as an extremely popular dish in Japan, this trend is crossing the oceans and Ramen Noodle Bars are popping up around the corner from YOU !

The rise of Ramen Noodles may single handly be contributed to the Uki Family who migrated to the US a little over 30 years ago! Their company SUN NOODLE is the top notch brand of Noodle makers!


Two Ramen Bars in downtown Ann Arbor are both located on E.Liberty Street not too far away from one another.

> Slurping Turtle which is between State Street & Maynard Street on E Liberty

> Tomukun Noodle Bar which is between Maynard Street & Thompson Street on E.Liberty


Slurp On !


August 2nd University of Michigan’s Big House presents



A Legendary day that my dear sister & I are going to celebrate and witness together !! Can’t wait! This is the first time the Big House has hosted an International Soccer Game – this is specifically the International Champions Cup ! They are even letting BEER be served at the Big House for this event …something that does not happen for College Football games! MLIVE posted the confirmation of the news yesterday morning!

Another special edition to the Big House for the Big Game is REAL GRASS – although this is only temporary for the game, this is the first time since 2002 that the Big House has had REAL grass installed.

Photos of the event to come !