Do It For Detroit Today

It’s the Detroit Daily !! Recently i’ve been strolling the streets and bumping into funny Detroit T Shirts! It inspired me to share photos of random new friends DOING IT FOR DETROIT.
This photo was actually taken at the Ann Arbor Art Fair which happened back in Mid- July. Jan a fantastic artist rocks this shirt ” I’m so Bad I vacationed in Detroit”

Jan rockin' his Detroit T @ The Ann Arbor Art Fair

Jan rockin’ his Detroit T @ The Ann Arbor Art Fair

Do It For Detroit Today

Do It For Detroit – one of my most favorite “Isms” per say.

Today I’d like to share an Article from the New York Times that was published on July 11th 2014 ” The Post-Post Apocalyptic Detroit “.

In 2011, I worked at Quicken Loans in Downtown Detroit. The HQ had recently been relocated downtown Detroit in Campus Martius right off Woodward Ave. Did you know Woodward Avenue was platted a road in 1805? or that the location of the first mile (1.6 km) of concrete roadway in the country was WOODWARD AVE ?  Later on in the summer i’ll post about the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Okay Okay — back to the article about Detroit – because what else do you have to really be doing right now !!?

A quote I took from the article to get you intrigued enough to click the link above that discusses the WORK PLACE ENVIRONMENT.  I’d truly prefer to never have to work in a closed off grey cubicle … as for the QUBE thats a whole different story… !

“Above the workers hover decorative, spacecraft-like orbs, in peach and pink and aquamarine, matching the colors of the cabinetry and carpeting. The overall atmosphere resembles “The Wolf of Wall Street” as art-directed by Dr. Seuss. “

This line made me laugh because I worked with the design team to invent this awesome area ! The group now goes by D POP check out the gallery photos from the Qube !

You spend about a third or more of your day in your office, studio, classroom, lab or what not … odds are you sit for most of it too. dPOP is what you’ve been dreaming of !  The team beats down old boring blahhhh offices & bumps them up!  If you didn’t click the link from above … Do It Now.

One of my 2014 Things To Do is DO IT FOR DETROIT ! Meaning I will go to downtown Detroit at least once a month ! Today I chose to share a bit about the D via the New York Times ...


Yeahhhhhhhh….. !


Brrring Brrrring : Bike Babe

Brrrrringggg !! Brrrringgg !! Brrring ! No longer the sound of your land line phone but perhaps a biker swiftly trying to pass by. It is absolutely essential to use your BIKE BELL when riding in town. Not only is it a fun way to spice up the streets but a SAFE way to let people know IM COMING. I’ve been partaking in “Bike Share” programs every chance I get ! For Future Share : Divvy Bikes, Chicago & Deco Bikes, Miami (photos and stories to come).30911606_009_b

I don’t believe every rider recognizes that the bell’s on the bikes are what they are … ! If you look over to the right hand handle bar – you will see a small circle – swipe your thumb hard on this & youll hear the brrrrrinngggggggg !!!

Republic Bike x Urban Outfitters  is bringing you a simple and affordable personalized build-a-bike opportunity. – offering over 100,000 component and color combinations for the Aristotle singlespeed and Plato Dutch bikes. Simple as click click click – Republic Bike will build it, box it and ship it directly to you. Take a sneak peak at my creation …. Bike Mirror

Customizing your bike in fun ways may make it more motiviating to ride, start searching for local bike paths in your area !  Don’t forget to LOOK behind you while crossing the street or just in general to see if any one may be catching up to your speed ! Photographed here is the most ideal Bike Mirror – to check yourself out and to see whats going on around you!


Ride On ! xx Hustle Harder

Decorate your Desk !

ImageLuckily I’m not stuck in a cubicle each and everyday of the week, but you sure know that if I were it’d be decorated to the nine’s!  My work space is bright & open with tons of natural light, when we happen to get a sunny day in Michigan. I am looking into fun things to spice up my desk area & make me smile all day long.

These are the first few creatures I’ve come across made by Plaid Pigeon !! They make really cute toy planters  & there are other versions on etsy as well ! I think its really important to incorporate living things (outside of humans) into your daily life. Small terrariums have become increasingly popular for people to place in their homes or office spaces or wherever. Many people purchase floating terrariums which i love as well ! I think these little dinosaurs and animals bring more character to the table.


Floating planter

If you happen to be in Downtown Detroit, and would be amazing to support a local business who sell sells in-home planters like the floating ones or they have other designs as well that are stationary. Swing by Nest – in downtown Detroit!! 


460 W. CANFIELD ST. DETROIT, MI 48201 – (313) 831-9146

Do good for your self & bring life into this world !

Live a greener life ❤

Feed The Deed

When in an interview the Question of what is my relationship with Charitable Work?
For the first time I was puzzled … how have I been contributing to society .. something beyond myself ?

In my younger years … I was the Director of community service at My High School which I attended for FOUR years. In college my sorority held events and did activities monthly. Or I attended events for other frats or sororities.

Back then the answer would have drawn me to explain a multitude of involvements.

But now a few years after that- where do I stand ?

The Nomination Called – I had been summoned to take a video of myself doing good. In however which way I wanted I could  #feedthedeed . Options were limitless. The decision came down to what would be both meaningful and/  or some what convenient.

Feed the Deed
Instantly prompted me to look to my belly for the answer. The polar vortex of 2014 is mad all mighty.  I wanted to provide a hot breakfast and coffee giftcard to a homeless person.
As I walked the 4 block radius of downtown I did not encounter one “homeless person ”
> Ann Arbor lacking homeless people ?
> Homeless or Hipster ? Sometimes in Ann Arbor it is hard to tell if an #ootd is the fullest extent self expression or the debacle of a homeless person.


Regardless and frustrated that I could not complete what I had set out for… I made a reaction video.  Reaction videos are common amongst Gen Y kids. #RV is an advanced and modern version of a home video.

See my Reaction Video here

How did I proceed ?
By Posting my reaction video to my Snapchat Story and than downloading it to my cell phone. I than chose to upload the 4 second clip to my FacebookTimeline. The news circulated to my close network ties.
Facebook Timeline casts a larger net than the Snapchat Story. The communication with Snapchat Story is a more direct line relationship.   It tracks viewership and allows for quicker & perpetual contact. Facebook may be seen by a larger amount of close network ties. The true value lies in what sort of  influence the mass amount of views retain. Your social influence can be measured by a Klout Score.

What can I deduce by comparing the results of response is that both create awareness.
What came to me was … the person receiving must not be limited to oneself who is categorized as homeless. Who wouldn’t love a little grub!? I personally love being treated to a meal !

My Choice on Feed The Deed :

Detroit Art Market
Do It For Detroit

Do YOU know the Legend of the DIA?? THE Detroit Institute of Arts, a place of deep historical value. This establishment holds high regards to the state itself and the nation. It may be what saves the city! July 18th 2013 the city of Detroit filled for Bankruptcy.  Unheard of for any other major city … that once was.

Art guides life and culture. Art inspires & re invigorates.   Art will revitalize Detroit.


Detroit Artist Market (DAM) supports and guides Detroit artists to fulfillment.  Endowing the creationist with the green space.

* green space * a venue that is funded for artist creation . Green – money is no object the desires are met. Fresh faces fill the area with open minds and hearts. The space is bright & glowing.

Spreading green to the DAM allows it to function.
I hope to get down to see two separate exhibit rotations in the next year.

Today there is a personal social responsibility placed on people via social networks. What we choose to share and create awareness around is solely up to YOU. Would you rather disengage and not have a profile at all ?

The first is your social responsibility persona that is upheld in a commitment to your network of close ties. Are you a nice person? Are you not? What are you really being held accountable for? Must you complete the deed in 24 hours? Whats really going to happen if you don’t? Wouldn’t it be best to commit to a long term charitable thing? Is it disingenuous otherwise? Will our Facebook Friends defriend us for not completing the #feedthedeed challenge? Is it not good enough to make a monetary donation through the internet? Is it really a challenge to do something nice??

Why does the act of feeding the deed be limited to a one time jolt of forced energy ?!  To continue the #feedthedeed im going to surprise a few fantastic followers of my social network. May it be YOU? just wait and see.

Detroit Holiday Shopping

Media like this sure does piss me off …. this is further promoting a poor and dangerous image for Detroit. The best thing for Detroit is positive media images that will be spread far and wide.
Yes – there is violence in Detroit, just like any other city, but to the point where someone would need to make this video to pretend a popping bottle noise equates with a gun shot?? COME ON.

Witness X Watch #DoitForDetroit

this dope 5 minute flick delves into Downtown Detroit… A new collab series for Mass Appeal between Jason Goldwatch and 13th Witness. These 2 bros dip into the hood, the streets and beauty that lies in the heart of the city. Bringing to the table authenticity and an artistic approach to urban decay.

Showcasing monumental aspects of Detroit such as Little Caesars Pizza ( even making a dig on it not being Brooklyn Pizza) , Homies rockin’ Detroit Pistons gear & touching on weed, alcohol and violence in the streets.

You’d almost wish that as little gangsters roll around the D spray painting, they could pick up like 5 pieces of trash too ! Not just beautifying Detroit by leaving their mark on the walls of abandon buildings, but shaping them up in other ways too !


Do IT FOR DETROIT Detroit – Hey Hey Hockeytown ….. Deetrrroitttt basketballl !!!! rarrrr here da tigers come !!! 

Check out this short film about Detroit, why it has the potential and opportunity to prosper into the most successful city in the states. Duly noted for having a success story equivalent to a comedic tragedy this may not always prove true. A quote from the movie ” Detroit isn’t tough because of the crime or poverty, Detroit’s tough because you can’t kill Detroit ” the people will never let the city of Detroit die.