Work It – Snack Break – LMFAO

tumblr_n63y9fznRs1qewacoo1_500-1So only in an American kitchen would this be seen ! Unfortunately I cannot take the credit for this being my fancy new fridge !   The idea of quick tips and helpful hints to curb your appetite have been circulating for ages on all sorts of platforms. The FRIDGE is where many eaters find their trouble … taking too many trips to the fridge when you’re bored & knowingly consuming food when you are not really hungry.  Spotted in some of my friends apartments in college I’ve seen photos of Sports Illustrated or Victoria Secret Models or other Haute Betches hanging scantly clad  FRONT & CENTER on their Fridges! Like honestly looking at this photo shopped babe is gonna stop me from getting to that Thai Food from last night – if there even happen to be left overs 😉

To each his or her own on where your will power lies ! But I sure as hell know that If I walked into my kitchen and saw this lady on it with the quote “Ya’ll Best Not Be Snackin'” that I would most def refrain from eating and would be caught cracking up !!

The idea that laughter benefits health has been around for many years, possibly because it reduces muscle tension, increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, exercises the heart and produces happy chemicals in the brain ( endorphins ) It certainly makes sense that laughing would burn more calories too, as a result of the extra movement and increase in heart rate linked with laughing.

You don’t burn a bunch of extra calories – it’s little changes that make big differences. Plus, having a laugh usually makes most of us feel more positive about life – and ultimately, this can help us feel better about ourselves and make us more motivated to lose those excess pounds.

If you laugh for 10-15 minutes a day, you’d burn enough calories to lose 4.4 pounds in a year – it may not be the quickest way to loose weight but surely one of the funnest !!


Giggle On !!