Decorate your Desk !

ImageLuckily I’m not stuck in a cubicle each and everyday of the week, but you sure know that if I were it’d be decorated to the nine’s!  My work space is bright & open with tons of natural light, when we happen to get a sunny day in Michigan. I am looking into fun things to spice up my desk area & make me smile all day long.

These are the first few creatures I’ve come across made by Plaid Pigeon !! They make really cute toy planters  & there are other versions on etsy as well ! I think its really important to incorporate living things (outside of humans) into your daily life. Small terrariums have become increasingly popular for people to place in their homes or office spaces or wherever. Many people purchase floating terrariums which i love as well ! I think these little dinosaurs and animals bring more character to the table.


Floating planter

If you happen to be in Downtown Detroit, and would be amazing to support a local business who sell sells in-home planters like the floating ones or they have other designs as well that are stationary. Swing by Nest – in downtown Detroit!! 


460 W. CANFIELD ST. DETROIT, MI 48201 – (313) 831-9146

Do good for your self & bring life into this world !

Live a greener life ❤