TWiTTER Going Public

TWiTTER Going Public

When i was enrolled in a School of Information class in 2009 I never knew what this “Twitter” would evolve into … we were assigned to select a new social platform and build a business model for it. Twitter was pretty new and very unfamiliar to almost all of my peers. I felt i was on the fore front of a large discovery – the big game changer of social media and the way we now receive our news … forever.


Twitter , originally debuted with a format of 140 characters shared per “tweet” – as this format still stands today, there are in fact ways around it. Every single celebrity out there, athlete , news anchor and teenie bopper holds twitter accounts – the way in which audience and trends are measure have been changed forever by the # symbol.

It is nearly impossible to watch a television program with out the screen displaying a @The Person hosting the show, or #ShowsTitle – this was an idea i had in my head back in the day but no one i spoke with could get past the new verbage … !

I aspired to be the one to revolutionize the NBA and its media team – go team by team and work with them on getting each player up-to-date with their own Twitter Handle & Account. In addition to each team having a play by play update via twitter during games … how cool ! I wish this had been me, just about every time I see the @ or # on the screen.

Verified Accounts have evolved – separating the ordinary from extraordinary – what does it take to be a verified account? i’m not quite sure … but they now have a special platform when a verified user logs in. There is a new function for verified users to better connect and respond to their “fans & followers”.