Legalizing Mary Jane & Marriage Equality

Colbert takes note that when your high and got the munchies … you’ll put anything in your mouth !! he’s referencing the correlation between legalizing equality in marriage & weed ! This clip gave me a giggle so i thought i’d share it …

Personally I’m pro – legalization for marijuana ! First of all I think of legalization with an economical prospective … if we can control the substance and no longer have it solely be a black market ( which is sketchy & dangerous ) almost everyone will benefit.
Stiletto Stoners & couch potatoes alike will know exactly what product they are receiving ! It is much safer to have a prescription bottle that describes the content of the MJ than to be handed a plastic baggie with some greens.
If there was legalization, then the product could be control / price pt/ taxed/ etc. I once was at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce back in 2010 … and major men were into the idea of legalization because it would bring a new industry to Michigan. This new industry would not be as large as the automotive industry, but in fact bring new jobs & money to the state. We’d need people to grow it and harvest it and bag it and sell it at the stores which would need to employ a few people at each location!
There would be “regulation from seed to sale” to ensure the safest best product ! It’ll definitely be interesting to see colorado and how things go Jan 1 2014 … !!