Tunezday !! Pump up the Volume : GRiZ


Tunezday lets get it the eargasm of the week pump up the volume for a lil class and funk ! GRiZ takes the heart & soul of music up a notch with this bangin’ beat “Blastaa” on  The Mad Liberation Series . Im totally into the beat dropping for


GRiZ – Mad Liberation(Full Album) via the YouTube Link below. 

Image>>>>>Let Music Matter <<<<< give a listen here


00:00 GRiZ – Too Young For Tragedy
07:53 GRiZ – Smash The Funk
14:43 GRiZ – Rock N Roll
19:49 GRiZ – Blastaa
24:17 GRiZ – Live On Arrival
30:01 GRiZ – Wheres The Love
36:14 GRiZ – Mr B (ft Dominic Lalli)
42:03 GRiZ – Fall In Love Too Fast
46:23 GRiZ – Better Than Ive Ever Been
52:42 GRiZ – Wonder Why
01:00:23 GRiZ – The Future Is Now
01:06:33 GRiZ – See You Again

Follow GRiZ : http://mynameisgriz.com/

Be true Be Real & Be YourseLF

#TCOY   = Take Care of Yourself

Thinking to yourself what the heck is hashtag T C O Y ? Did she mean toy ? Troy? Nahhhhh = (Take Care of Yourself)

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