Yesterday,dressed head to toe black on black #ALLbLACKEvRYTHiNG …. ! In my turtleneck shirt and ground length hugging your body kind of skirt – i resembled a nun just a tad — what a better outfit to begin #teaching myself how to #twerk !!

Not your typical office behavior, but this is where the idea steamed from… i wanna be #made into a hard core hip hop dancer !! i wanna be able to make the moves and shine bright on the d flo … my girl lil wang n insta searched “how to twerk” vidz … !! hence the last post – where you’ll get familiar with how to twerk – when responded to texts sayin im teachin myself how to twerk … some people felt i could already do that and others were highly questioning my moves
just wait til you see me out there….!

#twerkinIT best be the viral dance move !!

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