BAh Bah Bah…. Bucket List !

It’s that time of the year – where people are about to bounce out of AA – some for a few months and some forever … well until TAiLGATE season pops back up! Make sure you get it all in  good and gravy … !

Vintage Bucket List via 2010

Take a final exam without studying

Drink a Sharkbowl at Rick’s … by yourself

Jump up and down with the Maize Rage

Hippie Hash at Fleetwood Diner

Spend way too much on a meal at Zingerman’s and enjoy every bite

Get in trouble with the Department of Public Safety

Check out one of the obscure performances at Hill Auditorium

Visit the Kerrytown Farmer’s Market

Attend a small-sport competition

Main Street bar crawl, grown-up style

Watch the annual Mudbowl game

Finally learn how to do your own laundry

Graffiti your inner angst on a bathroom stall

Spend quality time with a professor

Get ridiculed for not knowing how to order at Blimpy Burger

Eat a buritto while riding the BTB bus

Get down and dirty in the Stacks

Spend a decent amount of time on North Campus

Drunkenly forget your football ticket and go home, only to pass out instead

Sneak into the Big House after hours

Throw a toga party a la “Animal House”

Sneak an entire set of utensils out of a University cafeteria

Sneeze — LOUDLY — in the Law Library

Partake in traditional Hash Bash festivities

Eat soup from Le Dog at Le Dog

Attend a Game at Yost Ice Arena

Go to an away game, get booed by opposing fans

Overdraft your bank account

Shamelessly hit on a Michigan athlete

Drink only keg beer at a frat party to get drunk

Go streaking through the Diag

Men’s Glee Club Concert

Paint the Rock, then defend it with your life

Sit in on a class you’re not actually registered for

Knock on Mary Sue Coleman’s door

Smoke a joint, get high in the Arb

Attend a midnight movie at the State Street Theater

Play on an intramural sports team

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