Toss back to APRIL 2010

Beastly blogging my heart out on the internet for the possibility of international coverage since 2004… i happened to come across a blog post saved on my computer from about 3 years ago. During this time i was finishing up my sophomore year at the University of Michigan – about to be 20 years old.. holy shit! I used to write for a blog called , where I headed up the Entertainment section – SHOCKEr.! a few of my Communications classmates brought a crew together to spread the Ann Arbor Love!


Postin’ Up

April 1st 2010

Nothing brings out the best of Ann Arbor like a day filled with clear blue skies and a glowing sun. If you’re lucky enough to get out early in the morning or maybe between classes, sitting outside of Espresso Royal (intersection of South University/East University) is one of the top places to be and be seen.  Silver metal small tables and chairs are filled with students doing work or just messing around. With mixed visions of flip-flops and Uggs still being sported it’s hard to tell what the season really is.  Areas of campus that were once filled with snow are now highly populated. The Diag becomes an instant circus for everyone to take part in. People can be spotted riding around on unicycles chasing other kids to class or having their own recreation of Circe de Sole by tying trees together with a rope and attempting walking on them. Sounds of starving musicians tryin to make a buck welcome you as you walk around.  Even one of the UMICH professor’s performs live. There is a constant soapbox for activist to blow their views on everyone walking by. Mini bibles are being tossed around like candy bars.   Clubs that you never thought existed postin’ up on all edges. Don’t forget the animals! Squirrels come up to you for some play or nuts.  A multitude of students and locals fool around the grassy knoll. Check it out and Tent up.

On to the next one

xx LiNDSEY “


Now, three years and three weeks later … Ann arbor’s still got the same vibe, but its absolutely frigid !!

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