Culture CLash

America Today …. Rather different planet one could say between someone like a grandparent much less a parent grew up vs a post generation Y* kid has ….

At the very least Music cultivates a fan following and  stamps a  time period in the world. Ba Da Da Da dummm… skreeeettttchhhhh bang bang – for rave rats or house music hunnies these beats are BANGiN’ and BUMP’d ALL DaY & ALL NiGHT Long. SkriLLex has become a house hold name, holding one of the Top Ten DJ spots worldwide  – a man is simply known for his whacky hair style having long locks with a partial chunk taken out above his ear – is this to hear better out of headphones? i do not see the appeal but to each his own.

The word Mozart may not ring a bell in kids born after the year 2000 – where on the other side of the spectrum they could sing symphony 40 in their sleep !!


The clash of cultures lie below in a gimic of whats good in the world today …


* Generation Y denotes people born from the years of 1980 – 2000 aka the ME ME ME generation quoted by Time Magazine May 2013.

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