ImageMan o Man, Cheers to Fireball Friday !! Since a young age, I vividly remember celebrating TGIF !! Whether it was a solid screening of MK & A going on their latest adventure while nomming on a Dominoes Pizza or now at 23 years of age …. shots of Fire Ball ! Everyone needs something to look forward to at the end of the business week – to keep them going day in and day out @ the office, okay maybe thats a little bit of an extreme. 

My new favorite activity is Fireball Friday ! For the first 2 or 3 weeks … it just happened to be a coincidence ! Now I make sure that FireBall Friday is a sure thing ! I do look at Friday night as shabbos, the time of the week that you dedicate yourself to a good meal & good company. Even if that meal tends to be the most unkosher of sushi , it is the thought of good times that is the most important. Get your Friends & Family ( FRAMiLY ) together and party on.

Join Me in making Friday a good day ! Cheers to FireBall & Fun !

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