Hang Over No More !!

Dayum I do believe this will be a #goldmind idea !!
As we’re getting older, for some reason us “adults” are getting more and more hungover! How could this possibly be? We look back to our glory days and think I used to go harder more days a week and all day long! ! Cheers to my younger self but fuck it  lets take another shot of Fireball or Patron!

Navigating how to resolve your hangover is your own prerogative and may take years to figure out the perfect resolution.
Some friends of mine just choose to puke it all out! Others swear by smoking the reefer. Or taking 2 advil and chugging water before hitting their head to the pillow … thats if they remember to so so! I personally think a big thing of white rice and a spring roll will do the trick … if you’ve gotta blow chunks and get your stomach to the bottom of the barrel .. do it 🙂

I have a friend whose a nurse and when she’s hungover she turns to an IV Bag of fluids! I thought to myself well first of all is this legal ?! Secondly is this genius ?! And then decide WOW obviously this makes sense!!
We’ve all sat in the hospital room with out friend that has just pushed the limit and gotten an mip … watching and listening to him or her ramble on about the zebras flying on the ceiling (note minor in possession means going to the childrens end of the hospital ). The first thing that the hospital provides the person with is an iV bag and a puke bucket.
A urologist doctor in NY saw a strong need in the market for curing hangovers and  took matters into his own hands… and the hands of others. Da da daaaa THE IV Doctor was BORN!  You pay a small fee of $250 to have the IV doc come over to your HOUSE !! Like magic You’re cured !! There are a few options to choose from …

Super Complex of b12 vitamins which is injection only.

Watch his promo video here

The IV Doc is now serving NYC, Long Island , including the Hamptons and on JULY 3 my dear windy city friends… YOU!!
Get your appointments booked now because Fourth of July is only 4 days out!!
Party On !

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