Meatless Monday … Snooze … 100% VEGGIE TUESDAY

Since i snoozed through #MeatlessMonday & took the day head strong with Crispy Bacon ! I decided to delay the #MeatlessMonday until Tuesday … aka #2Day ! Ugh its been a terribly boring day of awareness of being Meatless.

Starting the day off with a glass of water & two small pears  … okay i got this … easy ! then on to the fork full of peanut butter – which ended up being dumped half way through

Off to lunch where i slowly drank an cold brew Mighty Good Coffee  accompanied by a Tuck & Roll Burrito + Kale + Cucumbers from The Lunch Room A2.

not totally satisfied led me to an afternoon stroll to babo : A Market by Sava where i purchased HoneyDew , Grape Leaves and what i’d say is equivalent to an amateurs spinach pie.

an evening delve into a NeoPapalis North Beach Bianca Pizza ft. Figs + house Basalamic + Argula

a taste of SaladsUp1 cold pressed juice : watermelon + granny smith apple + mint

not quite vegan, a little bit raw, but 100% meatless day

Vibe On,

Chef Lshawtay

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