Tunesday Tuesday : Bumping Beat of The Day

#BBOTD: Bumping Beat of the Day is Dwin I Wanna Wake 2014

Lets give it up for December 2014 ! Now is the time to keep your New Years Resolutions in Check ! Have you been keeping up with what you thought you would for 2014? WAKE UP & MAKE IT HAPPEN !

24 Years old & 

>> I Do It For Detroit – each month of the year I have ventured downtown to Detroit for a purposeful experience with various friends and acquaintances or just my self !

>> think Reading is Fundamental – the number of books i have read this year have surpassed the last 6 combined ! Being out of an education institution means you have to make an effort to learn and stay stimulated. Books is one ancient way to accomplish staying educated. & you make a cool bookshelf collection for the decorating!

>> TCOY – take care of yourself – bring awareness to Wellness . Walking 10,000 steps a day & experimenting with different work out regimes and classes.  How am i going to live to 100 if I don’t take care of myself now – you only get one body so treat it right ! Small adjustments in your daily life can produce longevity !

>> Blog Consistently – purchased & and made sure it was mobile friendly. Dairies are old skool – not saying i don’t keep hand written daily notes – blogs are with the times.  granted i have been blogging for a DECADE now i have altered my blogs to become more fluid and understandable to all.

NOW is always the Moment 

Vibe On,


Detroit Inhales

Detroit Inhales

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