Season 1 | What to Watch NOW

Whoa !! It has barely been 7 days and I’ve blown through TWO first seasons of TWO out of the ordinary shows. That’s about 460 minutes of screen time flashed before my eyes and ears in less than a week. What is captivating my attention ?

Amazon Prime’s Transparent & Comedy Central’s Broad City

In today’s world there are so many different ways to watch TV.  Honestly I didn’t make the push to find a friend with an Amazon Prime account right when Transparent got released – i figured one day one day i’ll get to it. Being stuck in bed sick last week definitely got me on the search … and quick ! Low key being sick is the BEST time to catch up/watch a whole season of a show or two or three.  Amazon Prime released Transparent as one its first on demand shows for free ! Amazon Prime is trying to break into the TV series game where first runs are streaming on their site. Netflix spear headed this with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. This is an obvious push the world today of television ! Online sites, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and now Amazon Prime are requesting users to pay a yearly fee and then they receive exclusives to these hot new shows.

Transparent – its a really cleaver name about a parent who is trans. If you are unclear as to what trans signifies  – now you’ll know.  Transvestite =a person, especially a male, who assumes the dress and manner usually associated with the opposite sex.  In the case of the Amazon Prime , award winning, show  – the father in the show comes out to his family after many many years ( more than 25) that he in fact feels he is a woman. I’m not going to blow the whole show here on the blog, but go ahead & watch for your self. It’s 10 episodes of 23 – 30 minute shows.  At the University of Michigan, I received a degree in Gender & Health, Women Studies. The topic of trans came up rather often in my studies. I found it riveting and necessary that a show such as Transparent is now visible in the media. When I started University in the Fall of 2008 – no men had ever kissed on television. In the last few years we’ve seen MAJOR sex scene between two females, two males, and even all four together. The times they are a changin’ and its time to be aware of whats going on out there. Whether or not you agree with other peoples lifestyles – atleast be able to recognize that there is life outside the hetero normative.  And for those of you who do not know what hetero normative means = noting or relating to behavior or attitudes consistent with traditional male or female gender roles and the assumption of heterosexuality as the norm. For example – that a man and a woman must marry and that is the only way for life to be.

Broad City – which i really think should be called Broad City Betches – was released on Comedy Central Jan 2014.  Two girls Ilana & Abbi ( who wrote the show and the whole thing started out as a web series in 2009 – 2011 before being picked up by Amy Poeler who produced the full fledged show). There has been 1 full season – which i watched in ONE day – where they are 23- 30 minute episodes. Season 2 has just kicked off and the girls have been signed to release a Season 3 so get ready for more of the Broad City Bitches.  So Yeah ! How can you watch this fabulous show on two girls who are twenty somethings, marijuana enthusiasts, and live their lives bitchin’ around NYC !??  Find a friend, or maybe its YOU who has HULU Plus or Xfinity Account access and can binge watch the show. In all honesty, a guy friend of mine recommended the show  – so this show liked by both the male and female audience.

Live it UP

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