Not having Nostalgia

I’m just not – it’s simply been three years since I walked across the stage at the Michigan Theater for my Communication Studies graduation at the University of Michigan. As joyous as the day was, the day has come and gone.  I listen and speak with others who have been out for one year or two years and they still feel the sentiment of graduation time . Is it that I’m so far removed ( granted it really hasn’t been that long) ? Or that I’ve been living in Ann Arbor since graduation and just feels like another day in Ann Arbor to me.  Little be known but I am sitting here writing this blog post at Angelos on the Side and proudly wearing a comfy blue sweatshirt with MICHIGAN painted in Maize across my chest.  A sweatshirt that feels like a second skin.

It feels more of a check point to me – just turned 25 and it’s been 3 years since I graduated with an undergraduate degree. 

I have stories for days about what I’ve been up to and what my friends have been up to. People have traveled the globe and I’ve met people from all over the globe – even countries I’ve had to Google because I simply I have never heard of it. But they’ve all heard of Michigan, the University of Michigan and the Forever Go Blue attitude.  It is truly amaizing ! to be a part of something that is much greater than yourself and your piece of paper stating you’ve accomplished a degree.

I stress the above about receiving an undergraduate degree – because these days to me personally it just doesnt seem like much. I interact with students who are obtaining all sorts of Masters , PHD or JD degrees.  Granted I am a licensed Salesperson for the State of Michigan aka have a Real Estate License and am a Notary Public – just doesn’t seem like it holds the same merit as a graduate degree.

Blogging about lifestyle can range  near and far because it essentially encompasses et al about life. I’ve tried to focus in a few topics — my monthly trips to Detroit, Ann Arbor Eats, DIY project, Chef Lshawtay, Bumping Beats of the Day — but it seems my span stretches far.

At this check point in life – it’s okay to not know your lifes purpose – its about what you do to find out !

Keep on Vibin’


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