Condom Challenge

Condom Challenge

Bill Gates – who’d ever link him and having sex together? The nerd bomber has a fabulous proposal tho ! “The initiative asks for innovative designs that create a sexual experience that feels even better than not using a condom. The new design must also protect from the spread of HIV and disease, of course.”  Click on the link above to learn more about this. It is the truez that people don’t want to talk about “wearing a rubber” because I was once told “i know its so high school but….” – go out there, be the one who invents the condom that Bill gates is challenging you to create – the one that makes the experience even better AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PROTECTS YOU!!

On a college campus, condom use i’d imagine varies – sometimes it is absolutely expected, others it wouldn’t – whether or not you have a condom may not prevent the sexual encounter. it is frightening to think about how

“In Zambia, for example, requesting use of a rubber can lead to domestic violence, AIDS Alliance reports.”  Many women are being battered and punished for requesting a condom to be used. The first time I learned of this I was horrified … It may not be easy to recommend the use of a condom while engaging in sex, but no women should be beaten because of it.


A liberal college makes sure you are well versed on all things & provides you with the perspective you need to analyze all sorts of topics. Studying the Biology of Aids & the Global Aids Epidemic led me to know one thing forsure … AIDS, a disease where everyone is at risk – you think just because your a straight white betch from an affluent family and have a roof over your head your exempted from getting AIDS – bahaha !! If you ever have sex, even just once, with out a condom, you are in fact at risk for aids and other infections! AIDS – something you may not think about when engaging with another person… the thought of a mere curable STd may not even cross your mind either… but it should. Fellas – engaging in some “raw dogging” of your member into a women or man can initiate a level of risk for infections, virus, or worse… disease. Kids today are having sexual encounters younger and younger, and are less educated on what could happen as a result of that.

Okay cool, you see that reddish ghunk come out of your vag once a month or so – you’re not preggers… but does that mean u are free and clear of stds? nope. We all think ” o no no it would never happen to me” or “oh duh he’s clean” betch pls u think he’s only fucking you …!? Take the 20 minutes out of your day, get tested for stds – and best bet you are in fact clean of it all — and you can be rest assured.

compliments a la my women studies minor in Gender and Health.

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