Ba Ba Baconnn… #scopebacon


LykEeee furrealz  – this is #america today … a place that is found on the interest and intrigue of how we can BACON-IZE the nation !! Obvs growing up there was alwayz the questionable moment on whether or not to put the filth-fully delicious pig bite  into my mouth…. but in all honesty how can YOU turn down a crispy lil crunchy bacon strip… !

bakon Bacon enthusiasts are run far and deep around the world, but my first realization as to how big the Bacon Nation ran was the after the discovery of Bakon Vodka, this is furreal…. personally  I have never had the joy of letting this luscious delight hit my lips but maybe in the future …

Pump up the grease in yo pan because now the Bacon #madness has stretched to a line of MOUTH WASH – like WTF …. bacon breath?? this is something that there is actually a market for ?! I feel like the users of #scopebacon are going to consume the liquid vs a little swoosh and spit ?

Each summer in Ferndale, Michigan – there is a giant festival which completely revolves around BACON – over 28 restaurants set up shop, and offer up their bacon infused treats!


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