TURN UP : in the kitchen edition x Lemon Chia Seed Scone

Snowed into the kitchen we warmed it up by using the electric oven for heat … great little trick to get things going … bake something !
A resolution for 2014 or a chance to enhance or add something into your lifestyle , life and daily routine. In 2013 I was wow’d by the Chia sea ! Now after causal inserting Chia into my world in 2013 I can share with you the ways in which I have incorporated Chia !

LYFE * love your food everyday * Chia seeds are raw and the benefits thrilling … !! At a hip n ‘ happening downtown   Chicago hosts  LYFE Kitchen, the premiere midwest location.   A menu item includes LYFE Water … main ingredient is in fact the Chia Seed ! Muddled strawberries , mint , and lime accompany the Chia seeds soaked into the water over night orfor 4 hours in the fridge.

Chia can be sprinkled on steel cut oats or just in oatmeal straight up. Drizzled on top of a smoothie or blended in.

Last night … experimenting in the kitchen went down with 1/4 Cup of a Chia seeds.

♤ Lemon Zest x Chia Seed x Vegan

The ingredients will be posted as a recipe format in the next blog post … for now you’ll have to salivate on these photos and captions ..


These are the ingredients we picked out for the Zest Sconez … ♢
• Chia seeds
• lemon
• one egg
• honey or agave
• refrigerated coconut oil
• baking soda
• baking powder
• coconut flour
• vanilla
• salt
• (optional) cinnamon
• grater
• food processor
• knife
• baking sheet
•  baking tray

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