Chia Pet x Chia Seed

Talk about happy and healthy ….!! Chia is so haute right now … incorporate the influential seed into your weekly regime.

It is not that you will find the Chia Seed at the common local kitchens … you gotta keep your eyes peeled when browsing a menu.

Luckily places like outside of LA & San Francisco as well as Chicago get to indulge in Lyfe Water. What is Lyfe Water … did she mean to spell it like that.   YES! 《LOVE YOUR FOOD EVERYDAY 》

○To make Lyfe Water @ Your Kitchen SIMPLY grab ahold the necessary ingredients

• water
• Chia seeds
• strawberries
• mint leaves

For starters you’ll want to meddle (mushy up ) the strawberries, and than shred up the mint.

Combine the two in a cup

See what your in the mood for … I free spirit toss some Chia seeds into the cup alongside the above mixture

Fill up with water and ice it up… use a shaker lid and shake shake shake it up!

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