March Selfie Set 1

image The Selfie is getting a lot of press these days, as Ellen DeGeneres took one with a handful of other celebs the Oscars 86th  anniversary ! I will post on what I think about which movies and the winners in the next few days ! Honestly i’ve been taking these so called selfies since before the word won word of the year in 2013. I owned a webcam in 2000 and used to use MSN messenger to share photos with my friends, in addition to AIM of course ! I’ll try to get some of those selfies to share.



On the left : Here I am on a sunny day in Michigan driving back to the hood with my gas station sun glasses , I thought these were a comical purchase for a mere $7.99. I think I look like John Lennon!

On the right :This is me in my hot BMW rocking some fur as Trina’s do. My girl Anne who moved out to San Francisco – sent me this super cute beanie hat from San Franpyscho store , CA in the mail. I love getting mail it’s such a great surprise !!


IThis is me kicking it in the office @ work rocking my favorite Gucci Belt that I bought for myself when I started working as an Intern at Quicken Loans.


Fabulous Fridays !! TGIF – thank gd it’s friday so I can get my hair done for the weekend ! One of the best parts about living in Ann Arbor, is that about half a block from me I can get my hair blown out for a simple $16 !! Loves it ! Every girl should treat herself to spa services !



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