Meatless Monday : week 3

I vowed to commit myself to Meatless Mondays – the real mentality here is to make a conscious effort to not eat meat …. ONE day a week. My first week I wrote the best blog post about my commitment and recipes and felt so so good when I woke up on Tuesday AM. I felt free and a little bit lighter. Tuesday a day to go back to the #meatlyfe, I went for No Thai’s Sweet & Spicy Chicken. If you’ve had this before you understand how it is irresistible (once its on your mind) !!  But the indulgence in the chicken made me sick that night and the following day – I did not eat any meat or chicken etc for all of Wednesday or Thursday. I felt so much cleaner, lighter, healthier ! Breakfast & Lunch on Friday continuing on with my vegetarian life  … do eggs count?! laughs because I did eat them for breakfast everyday of the week !!

I wasn’t just making it a Monday thing but an over all lifestyle change ! I do feel a difference and it feels GREAT !! If you haven’t tried it yet – give it a go !! Once you get in the habit of it like ordering certain things for lunch it’ll just be second nature to you ! Image

I’m not quite sure yet if I have lost weight as I have not weighed myself in a few weeks, but I do feel lighter and feel like I see a difference in my body. My energy levels feel higher as well, I haven’t been drinking coffee or felt the need to everyday. If I am going out to dinner at a Steakhouse I’m not gonna bitch out and miss out on an amazing Filet or Porterhouse steak.

My favorite way to tackle the Meatless Monday is by ordering an enormous veggie filled salad at Neo Papalis…. today it slipped my mind that it was Meatless Monday and I last minute added some crispy bacon on top !! Dayum it sure was good – o well !! I will make up for it tomorrow and maybe a few other days this week.

Don’t beat yourself up about missing Monday’s !! Each & everyday you are mindful it is significant.

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