Going AnaLog

Fastcompany Magazine, December 2013/ Jan 2014 issue

One article on page 24 – “Is it time to go back to analog”

We are living in time of extreme digitization. The world today has digitized remarkably since the infamous Y2K struck.

The thought of going to the local grocery story, where now humans have been replaced by “self scan” check outs. Jobs are lost , but self sufficiency is gained. The payment process of buying basic necessities is seemly more efficient. The web can be used to seek out & purchase these simple items. The physicality of going to a store is no longer necessary. Taking the short cut of making online purchases depletes human interaction. VIOLA ! Either way you can purchase the product in minimal amounts of time.

There mere though of going back on the large efforts made to “simplify” a millennia’s lifestyle , one would boac !! Companies are now researching ” Low- Tech Extensions ” of self to see if they may be profitable. IE. Allrecipes.com began distributing monthly magazines as of December 2013.

*Yelp* – as I live in a downtown area, i find myself compiling “bucket lists” of places to try & check out. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were Yelp Cross-Off Calendars – that each month there was a list of places to make it to !?

*Rotten Tomatoes * – could you imagine walking out of a movie and entering a video confessions box? this will record a honest and upfront opinion about the just-seen film. these reviews may be more authentic and accurate.

Many companies may begin to consider low tech extensions…

As a kid of the 90s I have grown up alongside the digital age. I wasn’t a baby born holding an iPad – but a 8 year old with her own Mac Book and who was the first of her generation to take typing classes in elementary school. I  have always been amused by the development of digitization, an early adapter of sorts. It has been interesting to observe companies developed solely in a  digital world , creating  digital directories for a niche demographic. Digital Companies can cast a larger net by reverse expanding (?) to low tech extensions, it will be fascinating.

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