Travel Time #365excited x Mykonos, Greece

Are you ready for your soul to pour out of your body and have one of the most unreal experiences ever ?  Here is the scoop from my experience in Mykonos, Greece in August 2016.

How to get there? We took a quick flight on Aegean Air from Athens, Greece to Mykonos,Greece.  It is always best to use a site like in order to get the best price possible on a flight.  The flight is about an hour ish.

Note to self when booking the flight into Mykonos –  no need to arrive first thing in the morning on the 7 AM flight.   We thought o Yay we will have the day and morning yadda yadda – Absolute Rookie Move !! 7:30 AM to 10:30/ 11 AM is the time when people actually sleep in Mykonos.

Where to stay? we stayed at Cavo Tagoo which is right outside of Mykonos Town. The proximity to town and the insanely gorgeous views were ideal.  This hotel came highly recommended to me by friend in the real estate industry.  20160828_083828.jpg

Here is a photo from the lobby when we arrived.  All white and crisp with dope art and sculpture in all directions.  If you are able to book the room with private pool! Very my vibe.

Hotel Stay options :   when planning a trip I always try to source as many options and trusted opinions as possible. Other friends recommended places such as Hotel Semeli & Hotel Belvedere.

How long to stay for?  We went from a Sunday morning to Wednesday afternoon.   Easily could have stayed longer but we had other islands to get to !


LOL – you will not find any saganaki like you eat back in Detroit at Leo’s coney island.

FYI – greek salads have no lettuce and are prodominately made up of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, capers, and a fat piece of feta.

Must Do’s 

  • Rent ATVs and ride around the island !  We took ours to my most favorite spot on the North Beach called Alemagou – we ended up drinking too much and left our ATV behind and called for a cab.   Alemagou is beachy restaurant that has outside lounges, day beds, a little boutique, and DJ.  We went for a “late lunch” and stayed until after sunset.


    Front entrance of Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos – when your dreams become reality

the menu provides inspo such as ” the soul is porous. it’s ever expanding. submerge yourself in mindfulness”  or “travel is the muse. the secret tonic of creativity”


Lunch views at Alemagou

  • embrace and watch sunsets –  you can’t even make these up!! 20160830_203957.jpg
  • walk around Mykonos town – during the day  and at night –  it is the classic white and blue doors you see in photos and where loads of action is going on.
    • this is the area where you are going to bop around in and out of little boutiques. i was unaware of what amazing leathers were available in mykonos! we purchases men’s and women’s leather shoes/sandals and i got a dope metallic leather clutch!20160830_133450.jpg
    • stop for a greek beer in little venice and look out at the sea and infamous windmills
  • stop for a gyro at Jimmy’s in mykonos town !! we stopped in for lunch mid shopping some ppl prefer to go after partying at night. 20160829_151035.jpg


    Jason, Lindsey and the legendary Jimmy

  • check out Jackie O’s – super gay area / gay bar
  • scorpios – sneaky sundays !! make a late lunch reservation for around 4:30 or 5 PM at scorpios – there are certain days that are better than others so make sure you have got the right day !!  also be prepared to look super beach glam fabulous because you are about to be there for 8 to 12 hours.  you party until the sunsets and then some !20160830_232830.jpg


  • drink an aperol spritz  – refreshing drink to ease into the partying

Dinner spots  1) Remezzo with views overlooking the water and you are able to smoke hookah at your table ! 2) Interni which is in the heart of mykonos town – uber lively open air restaurant with trees growing in the middle of the restaurant. This reservation was booked through our hotel concierge  – we were unable to do so on our own.

I can’t give away all the secrets please reach out with any questions! safe travels.

xx Linz



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