Art Basel x Shawn Kolodny’s Fake Fulfillment Center

We are obsessed with social media and brands. We are bombarded by and influenced all day long. Shawn Kolodny is using art to take this message to the next level ! During Art Basel he did a pop up venue to explore a ” Fake Fulfillment Center ”

it was located next to Bagatelle in South Beach. You’re welcome by the receptionist who greets you with a hand full of pills … fake pills of course they were like jelly beans ! Then you are to put on your Lab Coat. at the Fake Fulfillment center we are to explore a few rooms. The first was a minute spent in the room named ” a single dose of Prada “. it’s a mirrored room with vaccine viles labeled Prada. after we found our way over to spinning the dial for a Twister board filled with social media logos.

Art Basel 2017

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