Do it For Detroit x Fash Bash

Popping bottles and looking like models, the annual Fash Bash 2016 kicked off on Thursday August 11th around 7pm. Entering into the Detroit Institute of Arts you are greeted by mummified models holding signs such as ” designer threads ahead “.  Of course there was a stop and repeat photo stand support the collaboration of Neiman Marcus x Founders Junior Council x Lincoln . It was a total hot box outside, nonetheless there was an outside bar sporting valentine vokda,gin and whiskey. The special craft cocktail I went with was a Vinyard spritz ,which included rose, Elder flower, valentine vodka , a hint of lemon squirt and splash of soda water. Totally delightful and refreshing. The brand new Lincoln MKZ 2017 was outside by the bar too! 

Moving back inside you kindergarten line up for your fashion show ticket. Moving into another gorgeous ball room area where mingling and mixing and more drinks followed.  If you were lucky you had the passed hdourves! These tuna tartar shooters were out of this world !! Hats off to Forte Ballenger group for that yummy syringe treat. Moving along the back wall had an enormous light up sign ” Fash Bash ” which later was filled and boarded with an assorted popcorn! The dill popcorn was UNREAL. True in flavor which I love. 

Ding a ling, the bar tenders stop serving and its time to head to the great hall for the Fashion Show put together by Ken Downing , legend of Neiman Marcus. Walking into the great hall there is a side line of paparazzi!! You feel like a total star, and hey we looked like celebs not gonna lie. 

I’m rocking a Versace ( Versace Versace!) White dress with Grandma Spoils white Chanel bag and Jason is rocking an Etro shirt. His pocket square compliments the shirt just adorably,  hard to see in the pic but when we get the professional photos I’ll share. 

Me and Miss Autio at one of the bars in Kresge Hall.

Arriving at the seats you’re greeted with a small snack box of crackers, chartruerrie ,cheese and nuts … not the best in consideration to allergies but cute. 

The show begins and the energy is high!! We had awesome seats right at the start of the runway.

I loved all the guys rocking Gucci belts!! Ken even told Jason he needs one… looks like Hanukkah will come early this year ūüėČ

One guy was a stand out in black boxer briefs and mess long sleeve top with a design in the center.  Mhmm!! He looked real good. 

The after glow part of the evening had kicked off while the fashion show was going on. It was a blast to walk right into a banging after party!! 

Dancing, drinking and more fun followed into the after party. Other food was being passed around such as cheese burgers, tofu egg rolls, tacos and shrimp. 

I loved the funnels on the mini moets!! 

Me Anne and Jason at the Fashion Show 
The founders junior council donated a $1 million dollar gift. The Egyptian room at the museum will be re named in their honor. Go FJC!! Proud of Jason and the council for an unreal evening in the D

#BBOTD #NP #TUNESDAY : DJ Khaled & Drake

I can’t stop playing on repeat this hot new track, it gives me a jolt and jig in the AM… you want to get out of bed bumping and grinding this is your beat !! Check it …!

Listen to DJ Khaled (feat. Drake)- For Free [OFFICIAL AUDIO] by Top Tracks #np on #SoundCloud

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#BBOTD : The Weeknd Beauty Behind The Madness

Kayne West collab’d on the track embedded above.

TheBananaBoat Saturday Morning I cruised around with my squad in Stevensville, Michigan bumping The Weeknd’s new Album !¬† Photo’d is The Banana Boat selecting the dopest track to rock out to with the ceilings missing.¬† Follow on Soundcloud for the best beats to make your day.

If you are looking to really feel the deep vibes of a great track that moves not only your soul but your body – turn it up a bit louder for “The Hills”

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Not having Nostalgia

I’m just not – it’s simply been three years since I walked across the stage at the Michigan Theater for my Communication Studies graduation at the University of Michigan. As joyous as the day was, the day has come and gone. ¬†I listen and speak with others who have been out for one year or two years¬†and they still feel the sentiment of graduation time . Is it that I’m so far removed ( granted it really hasn’t been that long) ? Or that I’ve been living in Ann Arbor since graduation and just feels like another day in Ann Arbor to me. ¬†Little be known but¬†I am sitting here writing this blog post at Angelos on the Side and proudly wearing a comfy blue sweatshirt with MICHIGAN painted in Maize across my chest. ¬†A sweatshirt that feels like a second skin.

It feels more of a check point to me – just turned 25 and it’s been 3 years since I graduated with an undergraduate degree.¬†

I have stories for days about what I’ve been up to and what my friends have been up to. People have traveled the globe and I’ve met people from all over the globe – even countries I’ve had to Google because I simply I have never heard of it. But they’ve all heard of Michigan, the University of Michigan and the Forever Go Blue attitude. ¬†It is truly amaizing ! to be a part of something that is much greater than yourself and your piece of paper stating you’ve accomplished a degree.

I stress the above about receiving an undergraduate degree – because these days to me personally it just doesnt seem like much. I interact with students who are obtaining all sorts of Masters , PHD or JD degrees. ¬†Granted I am a licensed Salesperson for the State of Michigan aka have a Real Estate License and am a Notary Public – just doesn’t seem like it holds the same merit as a graduate degree.

Blogging about lifestyle can range ¬†near and far because it essentially encompasses et al about life. I’ve tried to focus in a few topics — my monthly trips to Detroit, Ann Arbor Eats, DIY project, Chef Lshawtay, Bumping Beats of the Day — but it seems my span stretches far.

At this check point in life – it’s okay to not know your lifes purpose – its about what you do to find out !

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Season 1 | What to Watch NOW

Whoa !! It has barely been 7 days and I’ve blown through TWO first seasons of TWO out of the ordinary shows. That’s about 460 minutes of screen time flashed before my eyes and ears in less than a week. What is captivating my attention ?

Amazon Prime’s Transparent & Comedy Central’s Broad City

In today’s world there are so many different ways to watch TV.¬† Honestly I didn’t make the push to find a friend with an Amazon Prime account right when Transparent got released – i figured one day one day i’ll get to it. Being stuck in bed sick last week definitely got me on the search … and quick ! Low key being sick is the BEST time to catch up/watch a whole season of a show or two or three.¬† Amazon Prime released Transparent as one its first on demand shows for free ! Amazon Prime is trying to break into the TV series game where first runs are streaming on their site. Netflix spear headed this with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. This is an obvious push the world today of television ! Online sites, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and now Amazon Prime are requesting users to pay a yearly fee and then they receive exclusives to these hot new shows.

Transparent – its a really cleaver name about a parent who is trans. If you are unclear as to what trans signifies¬† – now you’ll know.¬† Transvestite =a person, especially a male, who assumes the dress and manner usually associated with the opposite sex.¬† In the case of the Amazon Prime , award winning, show¬† – the father in the show comes out to his family after many many years ( more than 25) that he in fact feels he is a woman. I’m not going to blow the whole show here on the blog, but go ahead & watch for your self. It’s 10 episodes of 23 – 30 minute shows.¬† At the University of Michigan, I received a degree in Gender & Health, Women Studies. The topic of trans came up rather often in my studies. I found it riveting and necessary that a show such as Transparent is now visible in the media. When I started University in the Fall of 2008 – no men had ever kissed on television. In the last few years we’ve seen MAJOR sex scene between two females, two males, and even all four together. The times they are a changin’ and its time to be aware of whats going on out there. Whether or not you agree with other peoples lifestyles – atleast be able to recognize that there is life outside the hetero normative.¬† And for those of you who do not know what hetero normative means = noting or relating to behavior or attitudes consistent with traditional male or female gender roles and the assumption of heterosexuality as the norm. For example – that a man and a woman must marry and that is the only way for life to be.

Broad City – which i really think should be called Broad City Betches – was released on Comedy Central Jan 2014.¬† Two girls Ilana & Abbi ( who wrote the show and the whole thing started out as a web series in 2009 – 2011 before being picked up by Amy Poeler who produced the full fledged show). There has been 1 full season – which i watched in ONE day – where they are 23- 30 minute episodes. Season 2 has just kicked off and the girls have been signed to release a Season 3 so get ready for more of the Broad City Bitches.¬† So Yeah ! How can you watch this fabulous show on two girls who are twenty somethings, marijuana enthusiasts, and live their lives bitchin’ around NYC !??¬† Find a friend, or maybe its YOU who has HULU Plus or Xfinity Account access and can binge watch the show. In all honesty, a guy friend of mine recommended the show¬† – so this show liked by both the male and female audience.

Live it UP

Tunesday Tuesday : Bumping Beat of The Day

#BBOTD: Bumping Beat of the Day is Dwin I Wanna Wake 2014

Lets give it up for December 2014 ! Now is the time to keep your New Years Resolutions in Check ! Have you been keeping up with what you thought you would for 2014? WAKE UP & MAKE IT HAPPEN !

24 Years old & 

>> I Do It For Detroit – each month of the year I have ventured downtown to Detroit for a purposeful experience with various friends and acquaintances or just my self !

>> think Reading is Fundamental – the number of books i have read this year have surpassed the last 6 combined ! Being out of an education institution means you have to make an effort to learn and stay stimulated. Books is one ancient way to accomplish staying educated. & you make a cool bookshelf collection for the decorating!

>> TCOY – take care of yourself – bring awareness to Wellness . Walking 10,000 steps a day & experimenting with different work out regimes and classes. ¬†How am i going to live to 100 if I don’t take care of myself now – you only get one body so treat it right ! Small adjustments in your daily life can produce longevity !

>> Blog Consistently – purchased &¬†and made sure it was mobile friendly.¬†Dairies are old skool – not saying i don’t keep hand written daily notes – blogs are with the times.¬† granted i have been blogging for a DECADE now i have altered my blogs to become more fluid and understandable to all.

NOW is always the Moment 

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Detroit Inhales

Detroit Inhales

OOTD : Fall Uniform Nov 03

Feeling Fall in Michigan – one day you may be rocking your favorite fur vest & Pharrell hat … and the next you may be back in your favorite maxi dress ! You just never really know + always gotta be ready to go !!

Starbucks Babe



OOTD : 11.03.14

Today I felt like rocking some totally betchin’¬† Fall Fashion : Head to Toe Let’s go !!

Fedorable Hat that was purchased at a local Ann Arbor store on E.Liberty Street – Orchid Lane

Winter Jacket – Moncler – cheers to the enchanted journey we’ll spend day in and day out for next 5 months. Investing in a winter coat is one of the

Rabbit Fur Vest –¬†astounding¬† layering piece that brings any outfit to the next level !

Basic Long Sleeve Top Рstock up + pile on the quintessential basic long sleeve. Find a basic Betch top + buy 5 of them ( black, white, grey, brown, navy ) & change it up each and everyday. Makes your mornings much more effortless!

Gucci Belt –¬† committing yourself to Kayne’s work out plan means you jeans are gonna start to get looser …. time to slap on that belt !!¬† It is majorly encouraging when you have to go to + get a new hole put into your staple belt ! Wearing a belt makes you look that much more sophisticated and put together.

Classic Blue Jeans – that are made of real denim –¬† time to toss those pajama jeans and jeggings + go back to real denim (for those of you who ever chose to ditch it in the first place).¬† Featured here is a pair of Rag & Bone!

Step into your Fall Boots – cameo causal boots add a sharp edge to the Fall Uniform !

instagram-256One of my favorite new follows on Instagram is @CoffeeNClothes – its a person who is based out¬† Soho + Brooklyn¬† in New York! as an avid coffee drinker i feel compelled to #CoffeeNclothes¬† on my @Tr3ndey account whenever i’m rockin’ a good gettup !

About a week ago I was at a Pop-Up Henna Shop in Birmingham, Michigan. I got this show-stopping Henna Tat ! Maybe CoffeNClothes will feature me on their page!

Coffee & Clothes


Don’t forget to TCOY : Take Care Of Yourself ! Do little things everyday that brighten your day, make it sparkle a little bit more or brings a smile to your fayce !!

Vibe On,


Mondaze + Yoga Every Dayum day + Bridge In Bed

bridge pose 1

  • Stretches the chest, neck, and spine
  • Calms the brain and helps alleviate stress and mild depression
  • Stimulates abdominal organs, lungs, and thyroid
  • Rejuvenates tired legs
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
  • Relieves menstrual discomfort when done supported
  • Reduces anxiety, fatigue, backache, headache, and insomnia
  • Therapeutic for asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and sinusitis

bridge 2

You wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ like P Diddy – or maybe you feel weak sauce from that wild weekend of Halloween partying…. ! This morning I felt compelled to take a nice long bridge pose in my bed !! Doing Yoga in your bed may benefit you more than you ever thought! It really felt nice¬† & I’d like to encourage you to try it out tomorrow !

Following your inversion bring your knees into your chest for a tight squeeze and release! I felt high energy and jumped right out of bed from here!

Make you Monday Meaningful …. find a new favorite song to vibe out to all day long, try out meatless meals, motivate yourself to walk 10,000 steps aka 5 Miles , make it to the gym & just make things happen !! Get out there & get after it … !!

BBOTD : Bumping Beat of the Day : #NP¬† ” Cool Enough “

Vibe On,